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DIY Projects for Summer

    Are you in full on summer mode, because I sure am! Now’s the time for me to get my craft on without disruption. Last year I refinished her dresser and mirror and I was thinking of painting her room this year.

    Do you have any summer projects brewing? They don’t have to be big. Maybe just some gardening or sewing with the kids. Here’s some great DIY Projects for Summer ranging from updating your front porch to making over an RV!

    12 DIY Projects for Summer

    12 DIY projects for summer to keep you and the kids busy. From painting a room to building a flower garden There's something for every ability.

    Of course all of these projects are going to leave you short on time and hungry! Check out these 15 No Effort Recipes for Summer. 

    No Effort Recipes for Summer Collage crop

    And there’s this collection of summer grilling favorites.

    Summer Grilling Favorites! Ten great recipes you can make on the grill. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Veggies, Chicken and even dessert!

    Of course, this round up of Backyard Summer Favorites is packed full of great food and crafts!

    Backyard Summer Recipe Favorites

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    Susan Queck

    Susan Queck

    I'm Suzy, the baker and dessert maker behind this blog. Baking is my lifelong passion, where I find the magic in transforming basic ingredients into delectable works of art. Join me in my sweet journey of culinary exploration and celebration! More about me.

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    1. Thank you for hosting! My offerings this week include Cheddar Smashed Potatoes, Grilled Shrimp and Scallops, and Mushroom Soup Marsala. Enjoy your week!

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