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Adult Flavored Lollipops

We are all kids at heart! We all enjoy the simple things in life.
Like, seeing the flowers in bloom, getting that extra special gift from Santa, running through the sprinklers, and a yummy lollipop.
However, as I got older, my taste and preference changed. 
That dandelion flower isn’t putting a smile on my face.
Santa should be well versed in the three C’s.
No white shirts on sprinkler days.
And, I want something interesting in my chocolate for my taste buds to enjoy!
So, to satisfy my sweet tooth and my taste buds, I made some ADULT LOLLIPOPS!

I started off with some yummy Mercken’s Dark Chocolate. The real stuff, not the candy melts. The BAR at the bulk foods section. I melted and tempered the chocolate (for a great link, try this) by melting half a pound over a double boiler and then seeded it with the 4 ounces of unmelted chocolate. Stirring it until it’s melted and gains a beautiful sheen. I placed a piece of wax paper over a cookie sheet and poured out a three inch diameter shape. Then roll the lollipop stick in the bottom third and allow to lay flat. 

Now for the toppings!
I picked some fun “Adult” toppings. I know they are for adults only because my little cup turned her nose up at my pops.
First up: Furikake- This is a blend of seaweed, sesame seeds, and salt. I put it on my white rice and sometimes eggs. It’s a Japanese condiment and can be found at international markets. 
Second: Maple Bacon: I made some bacon and eggs for breakfast and save a piece. I cooked it up extra crunchy!

Third: Chili Pepper Flakes and Cayenne

Fourth: Candies Hazelnuts – I took 10 whole raw hazelnuts, chopped then up and added them to a small pan with a tablespoon of sugar. I cooked them over low heat until all the sugar melted. Then I let them cool and harden. 

Fifth: Candied Ginger – This was just from a bag I bought at the grocery store. 
As I poured out each lollipop, I added the toppings before they hardened.
These turned out so yummy! 
The sweet and salty; the sweet and heat. 
Hubby liked the chili pepper and I liked the hazelnut and ginger. And Bacon. And Seaweed.

Also, since my little cup was watching me destroy perfectly good chocolate, I had to make a lollipop for her. 
She wanted Sprinkles and a Fish Candy. Who am I to say no? 
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Tuesday 17th of April 2012

What a brilliant idea - adult lollipops!

Karyn Tripp

Monday 16th of April 2012

Fun! Just wanted to let you know that I featured you this week on Things That Make you Say Mmmmm!

Addicted to Recipes

Tuesday 10th of April 2012

Love all your flavours! Thanks for sharing at Scrumptious Sunday!


Thursday 5th of April 2012

i would try them all! love it!


Monday 2nd of April 2012

That bacon one is calling my name, such a great idea!!