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Avocado Mousse {and why veggies don’t make great desserts}

 I have a secret to tell you and I’m going to shout it from the mountains –
Ugh… Blech… Gross… Shudder….
I used to work at my dad’s Mexican restaurant and had to make the guacamole – hated it.
I don’t like California Rolls, I don’t get it in salads, I don’t like avocados. 
I will not eat them, Sam I am.

However, as I move forward with this cleaner eating routine, I decided to give avocados a try.
I gave butternut squash a try and loved it. I gave Brussels sprouts and try and liked them. 
I’m a big girl, trying new things and liking them… so, I bought one, got scared, let it rot on my counter and threw it away.
Then I bought another one with the intention of making this recipe

I tried and I still do not like avocados.
Honestly, I don’t think that any vegetable should be made into a dessert – except for carrot cake.
Sweet Potato Cupcake – eh.
Zucchini bread – eh.
Never had a Bean Brownie (honestly have no real desire to either).
Veggies just aren’t made to be dessert. Veggies are made to be roasted, sauteed, broiled, grilled, blanched. Not baked into a dessert.
That’s just not right, in my humble opinion.
I think I was pretty brave to try the avocado. I mean, I can’t tell my daughter to try something if I refuse to. So, I gave it a try. 
I’ll definitely pass on this. I just could not like it. I even tried adding some Swerve to it to sweeten it up. I did not add the maple syrup or honey… however, I really don’t see that as helping much.
Nope, Sorry. 
Are you an avocado lover? Is this something that you have tried and loved? Am I just missing something? 
I hope you have a chance to hop on over to a few other blogs and check out what recipes they have made today.
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