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Chocolate Cream Cheese and Chocolate Peanut Butter Diamonds

Do you ladies try your best to be SuperMom only to fail miserably? I do – all the time. I try to please everyone and get a million things accomplished only to realize that nobody is happy and I have half a million things only partly done.
Well, this experiment was one of those half done right things.
I had good intentions.
I thought I was on to something…
I thought the Dark Chocolate would be the saving grace of this treat…
Well… That’s what I thought anyway.
I’ve been enjoying dipping fruit and pretzels into the chocolate cream cheese, I figured I could bake something with it.
I’ve seen all of the Cream Cheese Crescent Square treats and thought it would be perfect for the new Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese. 
I figured that it was sweet and tasty enough not to fluff it up with more sugar and extract. So I just slathered it on to half a sheet of the crescent roll.
Then I got a great idea to ADD more stuff – like Chocolate Peanut Butter!
And Chocolate Chips and Peanuts!! 
I so thought I was a culinary genius at this moment!

Turns out I was more of the Wile E. Coyote of culinary geniuses… 
I baked it up and then drizzled it with melted milk chocolate and cut in into diamond shapes.

I guess it wasn’t all that bad…. just not all that I thought it might be.
Mr. Quart loved it!  He loved it warm and cold.
This was actually something that we did not give away.

I would like to try it again and fluff it up with the sugar. And maybe skip the chocolate chips.
What do you think?? Do you have any great ideas for the Chocolate Cream Cheese? It’s so much more expensive compared to regular cream cheese that I don’t want to waste any. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you 🙂

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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

Tuesday 1st of May 2012

Such a great idea! I love that spread - I just recently bought the milk chocolate one for frosting that I'm doing next week. I love this method for the crescent rolls...may have to borrow your idea!

Debra Kapellakis

Monday 30th of April 2012

Sometimes I don't like living where things like chocolate cream cheese don't exist! I stopped by from flour me with love

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate

Monday 30th of April 2012

Just wanted to let you know I featured these as part of my link party wrap up. Please feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar if you'd like. Thanks for linking up!

Jen @ Peanut Butter and Peppers

Monday 30th of April 2012

Oh my Gosh, I died and gone to heaven! These look amazing!!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son

Sunday 29th of April 2012

Dark chocolate peanut butter?!?!?!?! I'm in heaven.

Karyn - Pint Sized Baker

Monday 30th of April 2012

You can find the Dark Chocolate Dreams in the Peanut Butter section. If you haven't tried it yet, go pick some up! It's really good.