Gingerbread Mansion

Preparation 48 hours
Total Time 0:00


  • 2 boxes Graham Crackers
  • 3 - 4 containers of Betty Crocker Cookie Icing (I had 2 white and 1 red)
  • Candy - large gumdrops, small gumdrops, large gummy bears, small gummy bears, red and black licorice, pretzel sticks, almond slices, mixed hard candies, mixed chocolate candies, shredded coconut, colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds; basically raid the bulk candy section. Put the candy into a cupcake tin to help keep them organized and easy to move.
  • Sprinkles


  1. Step 1 - Set-up floor and walls
  2. Leave Graham Crackers WHOLE rectangles. Do not cut unless instructed to.
  3. Floor - 3 graham crackers wide (rectangle)
  4. 1st floor
  5. Front / Back wall - 3 graham crackers wide (rectangle) *see Step 5 for front door directions.
  6. Side walls - 2 graham crackers wide (square)
  7. 2nd Floor
  8. Front / Back wall - 3 graham crackers wide (rectangle) Side walls - 1 graham cracker
  9. Roof - 2 graham crackers; left side and right side
  10. Step 2
  11. Use the Cookie Icing as glue to attach the graham crackers side by side along the long edge.
  12. Step 3
  13. Squeeze a zig-zag pattern over the seam on the graham crackers. Leave them for several hours to dry.
  14. Step 4
  15. To shape the second floor of the front and back walls, draw a line from the center cracker to the middle of the edges. Use a serrated knife to saw back and forth. Do not try to cut through the crackers. You'll have two triangular topped pieces. Set aside the triangles cut off.
  16. Step 5
  17. To make the front door, I used a serrated knife to cut out 1 rectangle from the center cracker before gluing them together. Keep it and set aside.
  18. Step 6
  19. Count all your pieces. Total pieces - 11
  20. Floor (3 GC) - Front Wall (3 GC x 2) - Back Wall (3 GC x 2) - Left Side (2 GC + 1 GC) - Right Side (2 GC +1 GC) - Roof (2 GC x 2)
  21. Step 7
  22. Attach the second floors to the front and back walls and the side walls. Use the discarded triangles to use as support to hold the large pieces together. Allow several hours to dry. Use pretzel sticks to stabilize the smaller sides.
  23. Step 8
  24. Start construction. Add the right and left sides first. Put them in the center of the floor piece. I used a water bottle to support it while it was drying.
  25. Add the front and back walls using the side walls as supports. I placed a few more pretzel stick in the corners to help provide more surface area to adhere to. Leave overnight to dry.
  26. Step 9
  27. Add the roof and allow several hours to dry.
  28. Stand back and admire your house! It should be solid and waiting to be decorated.
  29. Step 10
  30. Decorate! This was a two day process. We decorated the top then took a break while it dried.
    Then picked the house up and laid it on its back to decorate the front.
  31. The following day we did the sides in two rounds.
  32. Step 11
  33. Set the Scene
  34. Cover a try with wax paper or foil to protect it, then place your decorated house on the tray and add a walkway, some plants and shrubs, a candy playground, a gumdrop snowman; however the kids want the grounds to look. Add white cookie icing and sprinkle with coconut flakes to make it look like snow.
  35. Have fun with this project. The only limitation is your imagination.


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