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Grasshopper Martinis

    Want a refreshing, desert-like beverage to drink? If you are craving a sweet adult-friendly beverage, prepare this delicious Grasshopper Martinis in minutes!

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    Grasshopper Martinis

    When spending time with your significant other, best friend, or close relative, you may enjoy creating alcoholic beverages that taste good. If you want to make something different from what you would typically make, try this Grasshopper Martini. It combines the flavors of mint and chocolate, creating a refreshing alcoholic beverage that will satisfy your sweet tooth. You can even garnish it with chocolate pieces and other great toppings that go well with it.

    What Does the Martini Taste Like?

    The Grasshopper Martinis have a mint-like taste perfect for those who enjoy Peppermint Patties and Andes Mints. If you enjoy the combination of chocolate and mint together, you will love this beverage. It has a creamy texture to it that is similar to a milkshake but not as thick. It is perfect for serving as a dessert after having a delicious dinner with your significant other, best friend, or anyone else.

    Grasshopper Martini 4

    Grasshopper Martinis Ingredients Needed 

    Making the Grasshopper Martinis only takes a few minutes. Before you prepare it, you will need to have certain ingredients, including:

    • Crème de menthe liqueur. Use this liqueur to give your drink a minty taste that is not too overpowering.
    • Crème de cacao liqueur. You will need this liqueur to add a chocolate flavor to the beverage.
    • Half-and-Half. If you do not have half-and-half available, use heavy cream as a substitute ingredient.
    • Ice. Add ice to keep your drink cold and refreshing.

    These are the ingredients needed to make the drink, but you will also want to have other ingredients to use as a garnish for the beverage. The perfect additions to the Grasshopper include:

    • Whipped Cream. Add a bit of whipped cream to the top of your beverage. Although it is optional, it goes great with the liquid.
    • Chocolate Shavings. You can buy chocolate shavings or use a knife against a piece of chocolate to create shavings to sprinkle over the whipped cream.
    • Mint Chocolate Pieces. Break your favorite mint chocolate into chunks or smaller pieces and toss it into the beverage.
    • Mint Leaves. Consider adding some mint leaves on the sides of your beverage glass.

    If you get these ingredients, you can make impeccable Grasshopper Martinis for you and your adult loved ones.

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    What to Add to the Grasshopper Martinis

    While you do not need to add anything to your drink, you might want to. Vanilla ice cream goes great with the ingredients used to make this beverage. You can add a scoop or two of the ice cream to your Grasshopper martinis. It will taste like you are sipping a mint chocolate chip milkshake with added alcohol.

    Does the Beverage Taste Good When Frozen?

    If you follow the recipe, you can drink it on the spot or place it in the freezer to wait until it gets frozen. It does taste good when frozen. If you plan to freeze it, you should add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it beforehand. Pour the beverage into a mason jar with a lid and then place it in the freezer for several hours. You may then want to pull it out of the freezer and pour it into a martini glass before garnishing and serving it.

    Grasshopper Martini

    Different Types of Grasshopper Treats to Make

    After preparing this beverage, you may quickly become a fan of it. The Grasshopper cocktail is a top-rated alcoholic drink that you can turn into other delicious treats, such as:

    Grasshopper Pudding

    If you want to turn your drink into a sweet treat to eat after dinner, you can make Grasshopper pudding. You would use the same ingredients needed to prepare the beverage, but you would include instant vanilla pudding in the mix to make this treat.

    Grasshopper Martini 2

    Boozy Grasshopper Parfait

    Prepare a parfait-style treat by adding one extra ingredient. Mix the ingredients listed in this recipe with a container of Cool Whip. Pour the mixture into small serving bowls and garnish with chopped mint chocolate or mini mint chocolate chip morsels.

    Pudding Pie

    Turn the Grasshopper Drink into an adult-only pudding pie. You will need this recipe’s ingredients, along with Cool Whip, sugar-free chocolate wafer cookies, and instant vanilla pudding mix. Make sure to keep it away from the kids because of the alcohol content!

    Here’s a few more awesome “Grasshopper” inspired treats!

    You know I love a Martinis! Here’s a few of more to choose from.

    Collage image of the Grasshopper Martinis. This image is perfect for pinning.
    Yield: 2

    Grasshopper Martinis

    Grasshopper Martinis

    A minty concoction that is sure to please! These Grasshopper Martinis are so pretty to serve and just delightful to drink. Drink Responsibly.

    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes


    • 1 1/2 ounce crème de menthe liqueur
    • 1 1/2 ounce crème de cacao liqueur
    • 2 ounces half-and-half or heavy cream
    • ice


    • Whip cream
    • Chocolate shavings
    • Mint chocolate pieces
    • Mint leaves


      1. Prepare rim of glass if desired by dipping the rim in creme de cacao or water, then dipping in chocolate shavings.
      2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
      3. Pour in creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and cream or half-and-half.
      4. Shake well.
      5. Strain into prepared glass.
      6. Add any garnishes and serve immediately. Cheers!

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