No-Bake Dessert Table

Who said No-Bake wasn't beautiful? These Stunning Marshmallows, Oreos, Rice Krispies, and Strawberries will change your mind.

Preparation 30 mins
Total Time 0:30


    For the Rose Oreos

    • Oreo Cookies
    • White Candy Wafers
    • Oreo Cookie Mold
    • Rose Silicon Mold
    • Pink Pearl Dust
    • Gold Spray Paint
    • Rainbow Disco Dust

    For the Tuxedo Rice Krispies

    • Rice Krispie Treats
    • White and Black Candy Wafers
    • Bow Mold
    • Lollipop sticks


    For the Oreos

    1. Fill the mold ⅔ with melted white candy wafers then press in the Oreo cookie. Fill in the top and cover the cookie completely. Tap the tray a few times on the counter to get any air-bubbles out. Place the filled tray into the freezer for 5 minutes to harden, then remove from the tray and let them come to room temperature.
    2. Spay with the Gold or Silver Spray Paint and allow it to dry. Drizzle with melted candy wafers and then pout the rainbow dust or disco dust on.
    3. You can also, shimmer them up with Pink Pearl Dust and a dry paint brush. Simple brush the color on then drizzle and decorate.
    4. Make all of your Candy Roses and place them in the center of the Oreo.

    For the Tuxedo Rice Krispies

    1. Have your Rice Krispie Treats cut to a 3 inch by 2 inch rectangle. They should be about 1 inch thick. They should also be firm, so leave them out for an hour to "dry" a bit so that they stay straight.
    2. Melt your white candy wafer, dip ½ inch of a lollipop stick and insert it into the Rice Krispie treat. Coat your treat into the white candy and stand it up to dry. I double dipped my treats to get good coverage and fill in some of the uneven surfaces.
    3. Melt your black candy wafer and then dip each treat at an angle to make a crossed effect.
    4. Make all of your bow ties and attach then and add two black buttons to the shirt.
    5. Serve these on your elegant dessert table with the Dressed up Strawberries and Fancy Marshmallows.


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