Owl Cake Pops

Serves (serves 12)     adjust servings


    (serves 12)

    • Cake Pop Dough
    • Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
    • Pink Candy Melts
    • Blue Candy Melts
    • Green Candy Melts
    • Ears- chocolate chips
    • Eyes – white M&M's
    • Beak – chocolate covered sunflower seed
    • Wings – large heart candies
    • Feet – star sprinkles
    • Twig – pretzel rod with candy leaves


    1. To start, make you cake pop dough and shape into a egg shape that’s a bit flattened on the top. Dip the cake pop in dark chocolate and add the ears and wing to the wet chocolate. Let it dry while you complete all the pops in this manner.
    2. Dip the cake pop at an angle, to cover the ear and wing, in the pink (or blue) candy. Carefully tap off the excess and dip the opposite angle.
    3. Attach the eyes and beak to the wet candy and then let it dry.
    4. To make the leaves, I used a leaf mold and then attached the leaves to the pretzel stick with green candy. Then I added a touch of chocolate to the center of the pretzel stick and held it under the owl and added my feet.
    5. Finally, add the iris to the eyeballs with a drop of chocolate.
    6. Use the tags to decorate the sticks and deliver them to someone you love!


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