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Review of the Target Truffle Kit

I found a fun Truffle Kit at Target last week. I know it’s not a cake pop, but the elements are very similar…
This box appears to be a Valentine item, so I’m not sure if Target will carry it year round. 

If you do see it, go ahead and pick it up. We thought they were good!

Details of the kit: The kit comes with Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Pink Wafers, and cocoa powder. You need to supply 2 ounces of cream cheese and 3/4 cups of powdered sugar. 
The directions have you mix the cream cheese and sugar and then add in the melted milk chocolate. Pop it into the fridge for firm up and then roll 18 one inch balls.
I got 16 truffles using my regular cake pop cookie scoop, and they were small. I’m not sure how I could have gotten 18. 
Then the balls go into the freezer for a few minutes while you melt the dark chocolate.
I found that the candy melts actually melted well and I didn’t need to use anything to thin it out. 
Dipping the truffles was more of a dunk, coat, tap off excess and then transfer to a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. There is a learning curve, but don’t worry about it. Here’s my little Vine Video (look for me at PintSizedBake on Vine)
Unfortunately, with every kit, they never provide enough chocolate to coat the truffles. This is the last of my 16 truffles and the last of the chocolate. I would have struggled to coat two more. 

Once the truffles are coated, you can melt the pink candy and make stripes and designs. I put the candy into a baggie and used that as a mini-piping bag. The sprinkles were not included in the kit. I added all the sprinkles to dress them up a bit. 
Also, don’t worry about “ugly” truffles. If you have large chocolate “feet”, simply use a sharp knife to cut off the excess. If you see some naked spots that aren’t covered, just  re-dip that spot or paint some chocolate on. If all else fails, place the truffles in mini cupcake liners or candy cups. 
The important thing is that they were made with LOVE!
And that the person you make them for loves them!
We found these to be almost too sweet. Don’t get me wrong, we liked them, but we were glad they were small. If you want to try, I would suggest replacing the cream cheese with peanut butter and make some buckeye truffles instead! Mmmm!!
My opinion of the Target Truffle Kit
Easy and straight forward instructions
Easy to make
Inexpensive kit
Not enough dark chocolate to coat
No sprinkles to dress up truffles
Almost too sweet. I’d back off the sugar a bit next time.
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