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The Cone Guys Ice Cream Speciality Cones

The Cone Guys provided me with some of their Ice Cream Cones. All opinions are my own.

Have you seen these amazing ice cream cones?
Oh My Gosh!!
A Pretzel Ice Cream Cone!
A Chocolate Chip Ice cream cone!
A Mini Candy Ice Cream Cone!
And a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone!
All from an little company in Pennsylvania called The Cone Guys!

You have GOT to find them and get them! Seriously!
I did find them in a Wegman’s in Virginia, so I know that some stores are carrying them.
To enjoy these delicious cones, each family member got to pick their cone and ice cream flavor.
I don’t know about you, but I HATE spending $5 on ice cream when I can make it at home. However, for these treats I bought store brand Vanilla and Chocolate and then picked favorite candy bars and flavors for each of us. 
My Little Cup wanted the Chocolate Cone and she got a Almond Joy inspired cone. I took an Almond Joy, broke it up and added it to three scoops of vanilla ice cream along with some coconut flakes. When the ice cream cone was ready, I added some more coconut flakes and drizzled on some chocolate syrup!
Wow! It was amazing!

Mr. Quart loves his chocolate and peanut butter, so he picked the Snickers with peanut butter. I chopped up the candy bar, added in some extra peanut butter and mixed it up with three scoops of vanilla ice cream. 
I swear this paired perfectly with the pretzel cone! 

Finally, I picked the candy cone and the chocolate ice cream. I really enjoy fruit in my ice cream, so I made up a Chocolate Raspberry and Angel food cake flavor. I simply added in a few spoonfuls of  raspberry pie filling and some pre-frozen angel food cake to the chocolate ice cream and I was in Heaven!
That’s how we play “Cold Stone” at home! 
The Cone Guys would like you to play with your food and make your best ice cream flavors to use in their cones. So, they are sending one lucky winner 1 box of each of their flavors! Amazing! 
Follow The Cone Guys on their Social Media for special deals and look for them in your local supermarket!
Good Luck!
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