Valentine        Cakesicles 

Pint Sized Baker

— Pint Sized Baker

Good Food is...

all the sweeter when shared with good friends

Supplies Needed

Popsicle Sticks

Cakesicle Mold

Melted Candy Wafers

Prepared Cake Pop Dough


Prep the cast

Line the inside of the mold with the candy and insert the popsicle stick. Wait until dry.

Fill the cast

When the shell is dry, add some cake pop dough and press it into place. Leave room for more chocolate to coat the back. Then chill until dry.

Remove the Cake Popsicles

Carefully remove the cakesicles from the mold. Then decorate with more candy and sprinkles.

Valentine Cakesicles


Get creative in the kitchen with candy, cake, and all the sprinkles your heart desires. These little cakesicles are fun to make for the ones you love!

Learn to make Cake Popsicles