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Who is behind Pint Sized Baker

About Susan

Hi, I am Susan, actually Susanne, but Susan is so much shorter! I am glad you found your way over here. I am the author, photographer and manager of this delightful little baking blog, which is around since 2012. I’m thrilled to continue the legacy left by Karyn, who founded this wonderful community.

Ever since I can remember, my heart has danced to the rhythm of the oven timer, and my taste buds have craved the sweet and comforting embrace of freshly baked treats. Baking isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s a passion that’s as essential to my life as the air I breathe. And let me tell you what I love most about it – the magic!

Join Me on This Sweet Journey

So, whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting your baking adventure, I invite you to join me in this delectable expedition. Together, we’ll explore the world of baking, share tips and tricks, and celebrate the irresistible joy that comes from creating and savoring mouthwatering treats.

Please stay serious now…aaah… I just can’t.

I enjoy making fun, quick, and full or semi-homemade treats on Pint Sized Baker, but I also like pushing my baking skills and really enjoy the rewards of fresh breadpastries, and pies.

About Karen

Karyn Granrud is the founder of PintSizedBaker and an experienced baker and dessert maker. She also is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, and animal wrangler. She the bus driver, the nurse, the cook, the house cleaner, the laundry gal, the spider/stink-bug catcher, the CEO of our home, the photographer, the writer, the blogger, and the baker.

You will find quick and easy recipes like no-churn ice cream, skillet cakes, and cookies. I don’t mind cutting a few corners and use cake mixes and brownie mixes and I try to use basic ingredients that you have in your pantry. There is also a selection of over the top, decadent desserts that I made from scratch. You are sure to find a recipe that fits your skill level and will delight your family.

You can find My Disclaimer HERE.

Yours, Susan

I’m very proud to say that our work has been featured at:

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