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Brush Embroidery Flower Cake Pops

    I am so excited to be working with Noel and Elliot from The Cake Poppery to help promote their book “The Art of Cake Pops” by Noel Muniz. I was provided a copy of the book, however, all opinions are my own.
    Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Instead of buying her flowers, you should totally MAKE her some flowers. Edible Flowers. Flowers made from sugar!
    Oh, who am I kidding? Dad sure isn’t going to sit down with the kids and make this for you. You’ll most likely end up making these yourself and maybe have the kids “help” you decorate the flowers. These would be nice to bring YOUR mom. I know my Mom would love these flowers for Mother’s day.
    You know what else would be awesome for Mother’s Day? Winning an autographed copy of the book “Art of Cake Pops” by Noel Muniz. 
    There are 75 different designs in the book as well as tips on what to alter if you are using a box mix, melting chocolate, dealing with cracks, and how to deal with the summer heat.
    There are five cake recipes as well as a Marshmallow Fondant recipe and a Royal Icing recipe. 
    The book is nicely divided into thirteen themed sections that are filled with fun designs.
    These are just a few fun examples from the book.
    I decided that I finally wanted to tackle this Brush Embroidery design.  
    So, here’s what I made.
    Royal Icing Flowers for Mom!
    To make them, I started off with some basic Chocolate Cake Pops.  My long bamboo sticks were a Target find a few weeks ago. They came with the little labels already attached and they fit into my cake pop stands! SCORE!!
    I made up a pale pink coating using some oil candy color. The book discusses the importance of using oil based colors.
    Once all my pops were done, I made the Royal Icing recipe from the book. I only made a dozen pops, so I just made half the recipe and that was more than enough. 
    To make the flowers, place the Royal Icing into a piping bag with a Wilton #2 tip, or equivalent. The Royal Icing should be thick, so I do not suggest trying this with just a baggie. 
     Make a small “m”, then with a small, wet paintbrush, drag half the icing into the center of the flower. Wipe off the paintbrush with the excess icing and add another “m”. Keep going around creating petals. 
    The petals will look different if you just make a crescent shape, or start with dots. I made each one a slightly different way. 
    Once all the flowers were made, I added a second layer in the center with just 3 – 5 dots that I pulled inward.  I completed the flower with some white centers as a final detail.
    Each pop that I made had three flowers. The size and shape are up to you.
    As you are making them, remember that you want texture. In the right pop in the photo above, you see that it’s a bit flatter and there isn’t much dimension. This is because my paintbrush was too wet. 
    The yellow flower in the photo below has great ridges in the petals. It turned out the best.
    The orange flower was made using dots as the starting point. I think it looks more daisy like and less like a cabbage rose. 
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    These cake pops took a long time to decorate. Not counting the time to make the cake pop, it took over two hours to hand paint 36 flowers on 12 pops. It is a labor of love to make them. 
    However, when my Little Cup came home and saw the cake pops, it was a good feeling to see that big happy smiling face!

    You can pre-order the book from Amazon HERE! It’s going on sale May 22nd! Order one now for Mother’s Day!
    This is an Amazon affiliate sales link. I will make a small commission, however, the price if the book does not change. Thank you.

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