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Chocolate Covered Oreo’s for Valentine’s Day

    These Chocolate Covered Oreo’s for Valentine’s Day will win the love of your sweetheart! They’re sure to love them with the sweetness of the chocolate!

    I hope you’re still enjoying all of these Valentine’s Day treats! This is the last one I have for you. These Valentine Oreo’s are perfect for the Oreo lover!
    I swear I ate 50% of these little buggers during the last snow storm we had. I loved them so much! I can see why so many brides and moms are ordering them for events.
    I made mini Oreo’s and regular sized ones.
    I tell you that the mini ones are downright dangerous!
    Two little bites and then you’re back for more!
    It’s a vicious cycle that is only broken when they are gone and you are left searching high and low for more to fuel your chocolate and Oreo addiction.
    Wanna know how I made the perfect hearts? They are part of the mold from SpinningLeaf. I highly recommend the molds from SpinningLeaf. I’ve found theirs to be the sturdiest so far.
    Just fill in the heart with the red candy melts and pop the tray into the fridge, then add your chocolate and Oreo and place it into the freezer for five minutes.
    Once they are hard, a few simple thumb turns on the face of the mold and they pop right out.
    I coated the mini Oreo’s and then just hand painted on the hearts. To make the hearts, make two dots and then drag them diagonally to form the bottom. Don’t try to draw a heart, trust me… they don’t turn out well…
    I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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