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Hot Cocoa Cake Pops from D&D Sweets

    I’ve got a special guest today. Iracely from D & D Sweets has made you a yummy hot cup of Cocoa for you to enjoy!
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    Hello my name is Iracely,  I’m the owner of D&D Sweets. I started making delicious sweets for friends and family a few years ago and after loving it so much I haven’t stop since. Ok, enough about me lets get started on these adorable Hot Chocolate Mugs!
    What you will need:
    Lollipop Sticks
    Wax paper (to work on)
    White and Brown candy melts
    Cake Balls 
    Mason Jar or Bowl (to melt chocolate)
    Before dipping we need to shape our cake balls. The size you are looking for is that of a golf ball. 
    Once you have your ball start rolling ball into a cylinder shape in palms of hands (back and forth motion).
    Then tap the top and bottom of cake pop on table to get two flat ends.

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    Forming the handle is very easy; take a tiny amount of cake dough and roll out onto wax paper to form a rope or snake, bend the middle to form handle and cut off ends. Set aside until your ready to use it.
    Your basic cake pop dipping:
    Before you start dipping make sure your candy melts are a nice runny consistency (this will prevent the cake pop from falling off stick).
    You can achieve a great dipping chocolate by melting candy melts at 1 minute intervals, and by adding either paramount crystals or shortening to your melts.
    Dip the end of stick about 1 cm in the candy melts.
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    Insert stick into your cake pop about halfway through, set aside in a cake pop stand or a Styrofoam block until chocolate had hardened. 
    Now take your handle and place a small amount of chocolate on each end (this acts as your glue), now carefully place on side of your mug and lay flat to dry.

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    Once everything is glued and sturdy you can then start dipping your pops. Fully submerge the cake pop into chocolate once, pull out and tap off excess chocolate on the side of your jar.
    Place back into stand till cake pop is fully dry.

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    Detailing your cake pops:
    Place your brown melted candy melts into a piping bag, snip off the end and pipe chocolate onto your cake pop to resemble hot chocolate in a mug.
    While chocolate is still wet place your 3 mini marshmallow’s on top of your brown chocolate. Set aside and let dry.

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    Place a small ribbon on stick and your done! 
    Such a cute and simple gift to bring to any holiday dinner or party, your pops will have everyone talking.
    Hope you enjoyed creating these super cute cake pops.
    Happy Holidays! 
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    A big thank you to Karyn for letting me do this holiday post for you, your awesome!

    Thanks so much for this great post, Iracely! They look great and most likely taste even better! It was a pleasure having you here tonight!

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