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Mason Jar Cake Pops

    My Best Friend from college called me up a few weeks ago to order Cake Pops for her sister’s engagement party. Of course I said YES and asked about the date – September 14th. I replied with, “Well… I don’t want them to melt, I think it’s still too hot.” Remember, this was still in August. She assured me that the weather in Indiana is a bit cooler than in West Virginia {ah, ok…}and that if I sent them overnight, it shouldn’t be an issue…
    I made a bunch of cake pops, plus these Mason Jars, for the event and had them ready to ship on Tuesday. Then she called to tell me that Indiana was having a bit of a heat wave and to postpone the delivery until Wednesday. {ah, oh…}
    I had the cake pops boxed up so I put them into the freezer to give them a little head start on the heat. 
    As I’m writing this post, I still haven’t heard how they arrived… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that freezing them and wrapping them in bubble wrap helped to insulate them overnight and during the day before they got to her mother’s house. 
    When she first asked for Mason Jars I said, “Sure! That should easy.”
    What was I thinking?
    Now, these weren’t hard and complex cake pops, but they weren’t really easy either. 
    The shape is a bit off, the top looks weird, but I think it’s the color that really throws it all off.
    Now before you say I should have made them blue, the shower is a yellow and white theme. They are putting lemons into mason jar and having grey accents. So the blue wouldn’t really work.
    These photos don’t show it very well, but I dipped them in white then I added silver luster dust to them. It gave them a grey hue, without being too dark or too bright.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I tend to beat myself up more when I make cake pops for other people. Sigh… just another reason why I don’t make them for a living.
    I’ll share the other ones I made next week. I was much happier with those.
    I hope that everybody loves them and that they survive the overnight delivery. 
    Best Wishes to Halie and her Groom!
    Enjoy the cake pops.

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    Mason Jar Cake Pops

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    by Karyn Granrud
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    Ingredients (12 pops)
    Make Cake Pop batter and measure out 1 Tablespoon balls. Shape into cylinders with a little indent at the top trying to shape as a mason jar.
    Place shapes into the fridge and melt candy, reserving 1 candy disk per pop.
    When candy melts are smooth and fluid, remove cake pop shapes from the fridge and add the sticks.
    After all the sticks are added, return to the first pop and dip in the white melts coating it completely. Tap off the excess candy and then press a candy disk upside-down on the top of the melt. This will become the lid.
    Complete all cake pops and allow them to dry upright.
    Take a small bowl and add a scoop of melted candy to it. Mix in some black OIL BASED food coloring and tint it light grey.
    Dip just the candy disk “lid” into the grey candy being careful not to dip too deep. Sprinkle with silver sprinkles. Stand upright and complete all pops.
    Place a small amount of white melted candy into a small baggie and snip off a tiny corner. Use this to write BALL on the pops.
    Dust the entire cake pop with the silver luster dust with a dry paintbrush.
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