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Rose Cake Pops

    Roses aren’t just for Valentines Day! They are also for Birthdays!
    Over the weekend I got a request to make Rose Cake Pops for a Valentine Birthday! The best of both worlds!
    Roses were one of my first “designer” cake pop creations so I was excited to make a new batch with my much improved skills and accessories.
    First off – I have Luster Dust!!! I used CK Products Tulip Red which I purchased at Kitchen Krafts.
    Second – I have a leaf mold!
    I am not going to go into detail on how to make cake pops, sorry… but you can see my YouTube videos here and here to learn how I make my cake pops. I dipped my pops into Red Candy Melts and allowed them to dry. To make them super shimmery I added my dry luster dust to the pops and if they could, they would’ve sang! Watch my video to see how I add the luster dust. 
    See how beautiful!!! Love the effect!


    To make the rose effect, I simply made a spiral around the top half of the rose using a red chocolate “pen” and then sprinkled it with various styles of sugar crystals.

    To make the leaves, I added green candy coating to my mold and allowed it to dry. Then I added some green luster dust to the leave to give them some shimmer as well!

    I think that version 2.0 is so much prettier than the ones I was making a year ago!
    I hope the Birthday Girl Loved them just as much!

    Like my Instagram Picture?? You can as here as well!
    Have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!!
    I love to Party with these wonderful bloggers!

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    Karyn Granrud

    Karyn Granrud

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    16 thoughts on “Rose Cake Pops”

    1. How do you display your cake pops? I tried putting mine in a foam block and it kept falling over because they are so top heavy! I put foam in a vase and the cake pops made the foam fall out. Is there a sturdier foam or am i missing something?

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