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Alligator Cake Pop Tutorial

    My cake pop friend Brandi is back with another easy cake pop tutorial. Today she’s got an Alligator Cake Pop Tutorial for you. These are sure to please all the little boys out there! You can also add some green triangle candy to his back an change him into a dinosaur! 
    I've got to make these adorable Alligator Cake Pops for my little boy's next party! Then I'll make them for my Gator fan during football season!

    Hello, my name is Brandi Costa, owner of Painted and Sprinkled. I began cake popping a little over 3 years ago as a way to have “me” time. I fell in love with my first cake pop! I’ve had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with many party people along the way as well as make my customer’s event’s extra special with cake pops!

    I am first and foremost a mama to a 5 year old special little boy, Gabe. My son is my hero! Gabe was born with special needs so we’ve had many bumps along our path, but he has been so strong through it all! We say to him “You are our greatest adventure!”
    I am a wife of 8 years to my beloved husband, Daniel. We dated throughout high school and still are smitten with one another. He has been my rock.
    Well, that’s me in a TINY nutshell. 🙂
    Find me on Facebook at Painted and SprinkledInstagram, and Pinterest.

    How to make Alligator Cake Pops

    You will need –
    • Cake Pop Dough
    • Green Candy Melts
    • White Candy Melts
    • Black Candy Melts
    • Small Round White Candy or Fondant Balls for eyes
    Shape your cake ball into a long oval with one side a little more narrow than the other. Flatten the narrow side. Using a cake pop stick, roll a groove onto the top where the eyes will be placed.
    Dip your cake into melted chocolate and stand up to dry.
    1 3%2BCollage
    Pipe two spots on the flat side of pop for the nostrils.
    Pipe a line all the way around the front of pop for the mouth.
    Place two dots of melted chocolate on the top of the pop for eye placement.
    4 6%2BCollage

    Attach two small white candies or fondant balls for the eyes.
    Using a toothpick and melted green chocolate, cover the back half of the eyes for eye lids.

    7 9%2BCollage

    Using a toothpick and melted white chocolate, dot the teeth onto the black mouth line.

    Pipe on the pupils.
    You’re DONE!
    10 12%2BCollage

    This was great Brandi! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial with everyone. Those gators look so cute and friendly!
    Please check out the collection of Cake Pops over on Painted and Sprinkled and follow her on Facebook. You can also place custom orders with Brandi to add some POP to your next party.




    All the Gator Football fans are going to love these cake pops during our tailgating party!
    More fun cake pops for your little man!

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