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Watermelon Ice Cube Lemonade


    I got a stinker watermelon the other day 🙁

    The outside was good – it was firm at the stem area – and I thought I was getting a good one. Well, when I went to slice into it, the center was soft, mealy, and mushy. Basically, too gross for eating. I was going to throw the entire thing into the trash, but then I decided I was going to rescue the good parts and puree it to smithereens!


    I had some of the Homemade Lemonade left over (hidden in the back of the fridge), so I thought this combination of watermelon ice cubes and lemon would be a yummy and refreshing pairing. 
    I was right. The watermelon melted slowly and just started to change the flavor of the lemonade. As it sat, the drink was changed with each sip. It was actually very interesting. 
    This would also be great in water to keep you hydrated during these hot summer days! Maybe add some seltzer or lime soda to add some zip. For some zing, spike it with lemon vodka! Enjoy!

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    Yield: 8

    Watermelon Ice Cube Lemonade

    homemade lemonade with watermelon ice cubes drink.

    Watermelon Ice Cubes can make all of your summer drinks even more fun and hydrating. Add them to your favorite lemonade, sparkling water, or iced tea.

    Prep Time 1 day
    Total Time 1 day


    • Fresh watermelon
    • Your favorite lemonade


      1. Puree the watermelon and pour into an ice cube tray. Freeze overnight.
      2. Serve your lemonade over ice cubes.
      3. Enjoy, sip after sip!

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