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Chalkboard Cake Pops

    Jo from Cake Poppin’ is back and ready to school us all with her amazing cake pop skills! She’s made some fun Chalkboard Cake Pops that are great for a back to school gift!
    I came up with the idea for the chalkboard cake pops when I saw the effect applied on some amazing Halloween cookies designed by my friend at Sweet Baketique last year. The chalkboard design was becoming a pretty popular trend and I knew if I could figure out a way to do it on a cake pop, the possibilities would be endless. The chalkboard effect is one of the hottest trends right now and with the kids heading back to school in a few weeks, these chalkboard cake pops would make the perfect treat for that big day!

    Cake balls in ANY shape
    Clear vanilla extract
    White powder food color
    Super fine small tip brush
    Black candy melts/chocolate
    Paper towel
    To prepare your “chalk” mix a small amount (less than a teaspoon) of white powder food color with a few drops of vanilla extract. You are looking for a thick, paint-like consistency. If you find your paint too thin, wait a few minutes for the extract to evaporate a little and it should thicken up.
    Now that you have prepared your chalk paint, dip all of your cake pops in black candy melts/chocolate and let dry. Once dry, take a dry paper towel and carefully brush the coating of your cake pop surface to remove the shiny finish of the cake pop. Final product should be dull and matte just like a chalkboard. Not only does this make it look more realistic, but also helps the paint adhere to the chocolate.
    Now comes the fun part! Using your fine tipped brush and the white paint, carefully apply your design to your cake pop. If you are doing text, work from the center outward to ensure evenness. 
    The best thing is, if you mess up, just wipe it away with your paper towel and try again! Just like a real chalkboard, the eraser marks add to the chalky finish of the cake pop.
    Once you finish your design, let paint dry and you are finished!
    This effect could be used in a ton of different ways:

    As an added touch, try these other cute back to school cake pops and treats using these mini tutorials. Happy back to schoooooool!!!!
    I hope everyone has a chance to check out her FB page and shares some love with her. Jo has recently been featured on a local Fresno, California TV channel. Check her out on TV making the apple cake pops and pencils! And you can always see her amazing pops on Instagram.
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