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How to make Tie-Dyed Cake Pops

I have to admit a little secret to you.
I am NOT good at making tie-dye cake pops. 
I struggle at making them.
I was (and still am) nervous about sharing this post with you because I don’t feel like I’m qualified enough to really give you a good tutorial. 
However, what I can do, is give you my suggestions, trials, and failures and let you go from there.
I’m still learning, so please be nice.
1. To make the tie-dye cake pops, you need a primary color and a secondary color. 
They MUST be the same temperature and consistency. To do this, I melted a lot of white melts and then colored a little bit in a separate container. 
NOTE: Use only Oil Based Food Coloring, no water based coloring. 
2. Dip your cake pop into the primary color and then quickly drizzle the secondary color over it. 
Don’t worry about making it pretty. Just drizzle over the wet candy. Make different lines and swirls, change thicker and thinner lines and see what develops.
3. Tap and turn the cake pop. Allow the excess coating to drip off and create the design.

4. Keep turning the pop allowing the design to develop on it’s own. Only turn in one direction.
5. More turning and tapping. The more tapping, the smoother your candy shell will be.
6. The mess left over from the excess dripping off the pop.

With the white and orange, I just mixed the white into it and made the next pop. This will lighten the orange after a few pops have been done. If you want your colors to stay “pure” you’ll have to tap off the excess into another bowl. 

I didn’t want either color mixing with the other. And yes, all that excess went to waste. 
And don’t be afraid to play with your colors. I made these with three colors.
The best advice I can give you is take your time! And yet still work quickly! 
Be patient getting your candy to the same temperature and consistency. If the candy coating is NOT the same, you’ll end up with ridges, the weight of the thicker one will pull off too much of the other color, and the coating will not be smooth.
It’s fun to see each cake pop with a different design. Zig-zag in different directions across and around your cake pop and see what fun effects you can make.
If you don’t like this Tie-Dye method, check out my video on Marbling Cake Pops.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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