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Baby Shower Cake Pops – Tutorial

    Everyone around me is having Babies!! 
    I am done having babies, but I love other peoples babies. 
    I am looking forward to going to visit my college girlfriend in two weeks to see her baby! I haven’t seen them since she was pregnant and took all of my remaining baby items.
    It was hard parting with the car seat and toys, the bath tub and diaper bag. I had no reason to keep them and absolutely no need for them, but still, it’s was hard to part with the items.
    My Little Cup is now six, but I guess there’s always a little voice whispering… what if…?
    It was much easier to give all the baby items to her knowing that they were going to be appreciated. 
    To make these cute baby blocks and bottles, you will need:
    1/4 of a 9×13 cake
    1 heaping tablespoon of frosting
    candy melts – green, white and yellow
    cone shaped candy mints or Kisses
    10 lollipop sticks
    3 baggies
    Cake Pop Stand
    Combine the COLD cake and COLD frosting in a mixer and blend until all frosting is mixed in. If there is too much frosting, add more cake mix.
    Using a cookie scoop, measure out 12 equal sized balls.
     Form six of the balls into cubes for the blocks.
    Cut two balls in half and add the halves to the remaining four balls.
    Form those balls into cylinder shapes for the bottles.
    Place the shapes into the fridge and melt your candy. Since I only had a few to make, I didn’t need an entire bag of melts. I just used enough candy to coat my pop when I dipped it straight down. 
    I mixed some Merckens dark green with some white and some Wilton yellow with the white to mellow out the bright colors.
    Dip your stick first and insert it into the cake shapes. Push the stick half way into the bottles for better support.
    Once all the sticks are attached, dip the cake pop straight down and then back up making sure that the pop is covered. 
    Allow the excess to drip off and let it dry in a cake pop stand.
    On the bottles, add the mint candy or Kiss to the top while the pop is still wet. 

    Add two tablespoons of of the melted candy to a plastic baggie. Snip off a tiny corner and hand pipe on the block outline, numbers, and letters on the block. 
    You do need a steady hand and a tiny hole in the bag in order to get clear outline and characters. 

    One the cubes, start with your top square. Then come down the side edges and finish off with the bottom square. Once that is done and dry, fill in to block faces with letters and numbers. 
    Spell out the babies name or write a special message to the Mother-to-be. 

    What Mama wouldn’t love these to be part of her baby shower, a bringing home baby gift, or even a 1 year birthday party treat?
    Also, just wanted to let you know that I LOOOOOOVE my Cuptakes app! I used it for some of my Instagram photos. Aren’t these frames fun? 

    I like to link up with THESE PARTIES! Check them out!

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    Karyn Granrud

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