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How To Make Lego Head Cake Pops

I have such a hard time with Boy Ideas.
Having a little girl, I’m all about princess tutus and dolls. She’s not a cotton candy pink girl, but she’s not a Tom Boy either.  Anyway… I have a hard time with boy gifts and ideas. 
So, when Lego Heads were suggested for a gift, I jumped on it!
These are a fun addition to a Lego Themed Party!
They are easy to make and even my Little Cup was asking me to make her some.
You’ll need to make you cake pop batter and either buy yellow candy melts or tint your white chocolate yellow. I prefer to tint my candy coating.  I used a little less than half a 9 x 13 cake and got 17 pops.
I used my cookie scoop to measure out the balls, then I shaped them into cylinders.
I tried a few different candies to make the button on top of the head, and ended up using the M&M.
Attach the M&M with some candy coating and place them in the fridge for 15 – 20 minutes.
Add the sticks to them first and then dip the pops. Tap off the excess and allow to dry.
Once they are dry, add the features. I googled “Lego Faces” and found a ton of images to base the faces off of. I had no idea there were so many different ones!
I was not happy with the rounded button top, so I tried to shave down the candy around the M&M. I made more of a mess, so I stopped trying so hard to make them “perfect“. They’ll only be gobbled up anyway…
I used the Wilton Cookie Icing and a toothpick to draw on the features. It does take a steady hand, and you can always add a bit more to the design. It’s hard to remove it later.
I only made a dozen faces, to the rest of the pops, I just added Lego Candy pieces to the tops. If you’re not adventurous enough to make the full faces, the plain pops with the candy will work perfectly as well!
And there you have it! Easy Lego Faces Cake Pops! Enjoy it with your Ninjago Cake!

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