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How to Make Golf Cake Pops

    Learn How to Make Golf Cake Pops at home. These are great for Father’s Day or for Dad’s Birthday celebration. Your little Tiger Woods also love these!

    I am so excited to have my cake poppin friend Jennie on the blog today! I’ve met Jennie at a few Cake Pop events hosted by KCBakes. Today, Jennie is going to share with you How to Make Golf Cake Pops!

    Golf Cake Pops Featured

    How to Make Golf Cake Pops

    Hi! I’m Jennie from The Cake Pop Shop. I’m excited to share with you how to make golf cake pops!

    We are located in Jacksonville, Florida, just a few minutes away from beautiful, Ponte Vedra beach. If you’re a golf lover you know what that means, we are right next to TPC Sawgrass. They are the birthplace of the TPC and backdrop to the PGA Tour.

    When a friend asked me to make her son, Jacob, some golf-themed cake pops the first thing I thought about is the infamous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. With that in mind, I had the idea to create the golf course itself!

    Materials need:

    • Tooth picks
    • Scissors
    • Red Tape, about an inch to 1 ½ inch per flag
    • A marker

    Cut about a quarter off the toothpick.
    Cut about 1 to 1 ½ inch of tape. Attach the tape to the top of the toothpick that you just cut. Leaving the pointy end exposed.
    Cut any tape that lapped over the top of the toothpick.
    Find the center of the tap and cut diagonally to the top of the flag, creating the top of the flag
    Then cut diagonally to the bottom of the flag creating a triangle when cut
    Write a number on the flag. It was Jacob’s 12th birthday so I went with a 12.


    Cake Pop Instructions
    Materials needed:


    Roll your cake pop balls into an oval. Placing your index finger directly in the center of the cake pop and your thumb at the bottom shape the oval into a kidney shape. Then, cupping your hand, you’ll want to lightly press the cake pop onto a flat surface so the top of your golf course will have a flat top but a rounded bottom. If it’s not completely flat that’s ok! The beauty of this is that not all are the same shape and not all are flat. You can use your imagination and be creative with each pop.

    After you have the desired shape, dip the tip of the stick into the melted candy and insert it half through the pop. Set aside and let dry.

    Next dip the cake pop into the green candy. Tap off excess candy.


    While the cake pop is still wet turn it upside down and pour the sanding sugar on to the bottom of the cake pop. Turn on the side and pour sanding sugar on to the sides too. Avoid getting sanding sugar on the top of the cake pop. This is the “green” on the golf course.

    While the cake pop is still wet push the flag into the top of the cake pop. If it dried, dip a toothpick into the black candy, put a dot on the top and stick the flag into it

    While still wet, place a pearl on the top to represent the golf ball. If the top has dried dip a toothpick into the green, put a little dot on top and put the pearl on it

    Lastly, take a toothpick, dip it in the black and put a dot by the flag to represent the hole.


    For more tips and tricks follow me on Instagram at The_CakePop_Shop and on periscope @cakepopshopjax

    Your party will be a "hole in one" with these fun Golf Cake Pops. Learn how you can make them at home with a full tutorial and video. Thanks so  much Jennie for sharing this tutorial with us! All of your pops are so beautiful! Check out this collage and check out Cake Pop Shop in FB, IG and Periscope!
    Beautiful Cake Pops from Cake Pops from @cakepopshopjax. You can order cake pops, Oreo's, and pretzels from her! Find Cake Pop Shop on IG and FB!
    Don’t know how to make Cake Pops? I’ve got you covered! Check out my videos along with my tips on my Cake Pop Tutorials Page.

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