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Bowling Party Cake Pops

    It’s a Bowling Party!
    This past week, my daughter’s classmate celebrated his 7th Birthday at the Bowling alley! He loves my cake pops, so I thought this would be the best birthday gift that I could give! That’s right – Bowling Ball and Pins Cake Pops for the Birthday boy!


    Bowling pins and a ball are super easy to make.
    Start with an over sized Tablespoon of cake pop batter and shape.
    I posted the lower left photo on Facebook and had people guess what I was making… Oh my the guesses. 

    PS+2013 05 16+Bowling+Party
    There were many correct guess, but some were so off base, it was funny. I guess I’m not as good at shaping bowling pins as I thought I would be. 
    Once you have a vaguely bowling pin shape, pop them into the fridge and melt your white candy melts. BTW – I’m still in love with Almond bark… For this batch, I mixed a bag of Wilton’s with 4 blocks of Almond Bark. It came out smooth and perfect for dipping after two 1 minute sessions in the microwave.
    I went back and forth with pop up or pop down. I’m glad I choose pop down. They stood up nicely and looked great at the party. No worrying about a stand or styrofoam. 
    To make the bowling ball, I melted a bit of some leftover navy that I had and used my tie-dye technique to make the swirled effect. 
    When everything was dry, I simply used my Americolor Food Writers to add the red lines around the neck of the pins and the three finger holes on the bowling ball.

    I think they came out great and so did the Birthday Boy!
    Mom told me she had to hide them to prevent him eating ALL of them in one sitting! Oh the joys of Motherhood 🙂

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