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Cherry Blossom Marshmallow Pops

    I’m so sorry to do this to ya… but I made Marshmallow pops and not cake pops! Yikes! I had a bunch of Marshmallows from Dieter’s Downfall left over and no cake made, so I used what I had. You can totally use real cake pops and enjoy these Cherry Blossoms to decorate them.
    A little Spring update from West Virginia – my crocus have bloomed and my daffodils that are in the sun are ready to pop open. My roses and forsythia have leaf buds and my finches are back! I LOVE spring! And I love driving into DC to see all the Cherry Blossoms. Just a few more weeks until they are in full bloom.
    Until then, I’ll just have to enjoy these fondant ones instead.
    I dipped a dozen marshmallow cubes into chocolate, ate a few, and then dipped a few more. 

    As those were sitting, I put on “Grey’s Anatomy” and made my flowers with the supplies from the Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant Student Kit.

    I used a golf-ball sized amount of Duff pink fondant, some pink and silver pearl dustir?t=psbusa23 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000SSXTAM and a touch of disco dust. It took over an hour to cut, shape, shimmer and add the center decoration to them all!

    But it was totally worth it!

    To shape the flat flowers, place the cut out in your hand and then using the fondant ball toolir?t=psbusa23 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00BLFAEY0gently press into the center of the smaller flowers. For the larger flowers, flatten the petal edges carefully and watch the flower create a bowl effect. Don’t press too hard and stretch the fondant or make it too thin.


    Gently dust on some shimmer color with a dry paint brush. You don’t want to color the flower, just give it a shimmery look.

    Use a small drop of corn syrup in the center to attach a white sugar pearl. They should dry while you’re doing all the other ones. There is no rush. They can sit out overnight if you don’t have time to decorate them.

    To attach the flowers, just add a touch of wet chocolate and place the flowers. The fondant stays soft. There is not gumpaste to make the flowers hard. They will bend or break if you stack these up or lay them down on the flower.

    Enjoy the Spring and the Blossoms!
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