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How to Make Glitter Topped Cake Pops

I love seeing the Glitter topped cake pops from The Sweettooth Bar and “O” Pops by Angie. I’ve wanted to make these for a long time, I just never really thought that I could do it justice. 
But, then again… maybe I can…

What do you think?

Wanna know how to make these?

I know you do.

I have met Angie twice before; once at the Orlando Cake Pop Meet up and at the Orange County Cake Pop Meet up. I never got a chance to ask her the secret to these pops but it came up at the Texas Cake Pop Meet Up. Angie wasn’t there, but she sent some tips on how she does them. 

They are actually easier than you think. It takes a fine hand and a good paint brush. 
You’ll need round cake pops, candy melts, Disco Dust and a small paint brush or make-up brush. 
To make these, you’ll dip the cake pop and let it dry 75%. Too wet and the disco dust sinks into the candy, too dry and it doesn’t stick. When the candy melts are ready, sprinkle the disco dust directly over the top center. The sprinkles will stick to the top and fall off the sides. 
When the pop is dry, tap off the excess disco dust and use your brush to sweep away the little flex left behind. I didn’t do the best job at brushing away the excess, but I think that the end results look great. 

To finish this off, I added a pretty royal icing flower and used a pearl stick that I got from Bella’s Bakery and Bowtique.
My daughter LOVED these! She thought they were so pretty and wants me to make them in every color now…  Oh my… a little help please.

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