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Earth Day Cupcakes

Whoa… Earth Day snuck up on me!
I really wasn’t planning a post, but then I made some cute cookies and had these little hearts left over.
They only ended up green and blue because that was the extra royal icing that I had left over.
I made a wonderful chocolate cake for Dieter’s Downfall yesterday and had some extra batter, so I made the cupcakes with it.
I guess in a way, I was “recycling” my baked goods.

I could have tossed the leftovers.
I could have altered the cake recipe.
I could have just eaten all of these and never shared them with you…. But that would be selfish and mean.
So, in the spirit of Earth Day I’ve “REDUCED” the food that I shove in my mouth; I’ve “REUSED” the heart cookies for another purpose; and I’ve “RECYCLED” my cake batter into cupcakes.
Ok, so maybe I’m stretching that last one, but I think you get the gist.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Go plant a tree….err, a shrub….ok, maybe just a 3 inch flower pot. Fly a kite. Ride your bike. Take a walk. Visit the park. Enjoy a picnic. Run barefoot in the grass. Enjoy a glass of wine on the porch. Whatever you do, have a great time!

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