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Edible Organic Flowers Cake

    I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with The Home Depot and receive product to enhance our backyard. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Would you like to take a stroll through my garden? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    I love my garden. I’ve worked hard on it and I hope shows.
    I love how healthy my garden is and how healthy the critters in my garden are. 
    My Organic Gardening is honestly out of laziness and fear. Laziness because I don’t want to track when I can and can’t eat something. Fear because of the kids and animals that play in my yard. I want a healthy and happy garden for family to enjoy.
    Call me masochistic, but I enjoy pulling weeds by hand. I enjoy digging in the dirt and watering the plants. I love to do my “Yard Yoga” and work up a sweat while cleaning out garden beds. I do wish we had more room for more veggie beds, but I’ve got every inch possible used.
    My family loves to eat the wonderful bounty from garden. So far, I’ve made Strawberry and Basil Pastry Tart, some Mint Juleps for Derby Day, and a baked Pineapple with Ginger and Thyme Granita with the herbs from my garden. Fresh herbs will always be better than dried.
    This is my last post for The Home Depot and I wanted to share all the Edible Flowers in my garden. You can get all of these plants at The Home Depot. Just ask the friendly staff  for help.

    2013 05 26+Home+Depot+Edible+Flower+Cake1
    These are the flowers that I picked on the morning of June 26th. I went out before it got too warm and looked for flowers that were edible.
    *NOTE*- If you don’t know if they are edible, don’t eat it! 
    There are so many resources online to research edible flowers. Check them FIRST! All the flowers listed here are edible, but a lot of times, the stems are not or the pistil and stamen are not. So double and triple check!
    PS+2013 05 26+12.32
    I brought in my flowers and gave them a good wash in the sink. I don’t use any soaps or chemicals on the flowers. I just soak them for 10 minutes to get any bugs that may have been living in them. Then I dry them off on paper towels and let them sit for an hour.
    I did sugar coat a few rose petals and some pansies, but honestly, they didn’t turn out too well, so I’m not sharing a tutorial on that. If you want to research it, I did a post about it a few years ago here. (Seriously, don’t laugh. I had just started this blogging thing and didn’t have a clue!)
    I baked a box cake and frosted it with a homemade 7-minute frosting. 
    When all of the flowers were dry, I just started placing them on top of the cake. 
    Nothing planned. Nothing thought out. 
    Just thrown together like Mother Nature would do.
    If the flowers kinda make you hesitant, you can always put down some wax paper over the top and place the flowers on top of that. I did. You can see it peeking out the top in the photo.

     I really didn’t expect my in-laws to eat the flowers, but there were adventurous enough to try the sugared roses and pansies that I had set aside. My Little Cup licked the sugar off the rose petal. 
    The wax paper also made it very easy to quickly remove all of the flowers before cutting the cake.

    It sure was a beautiful cake! 
    I hope that you are adventurous to look into edible flowers. There are so many more that will be blooming as  the summer progresses. 

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      This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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