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Happy Pills – Dipped Twinkies

    Are you feeling blue about another summer coming to an end? I am. I really enjoy all that summer has to offer! I’m totally in need of some Happy Pills to cheer me up – and these giant happy pills are just what the doctor ordered.
    I just dipped Twinkies into candy, put them on a stick and wrote out the prescription!
    Do you know what I have written on them??
    I’ve got give my husband credit for coming up with the idea. I asked him what witty little acronym I should put on my pills.
    He took one look and told me to pipe on the chemical compound of Sugar! Genius!

    I am so pleased with how these turned out.
    They are easy to make and you can adopt them for any occasion to cheer someone up.
    Got a friend with a broken heart? Happy Pill.
    Did your kid have a bad day at school? Happy Pill
    Are you frustrated at he never ending pile of laundry? Happy Pill! Oh heck – take some to your favorite Doctor, Nurse, or Family Practitioner. Who wouldn’t want one?

    Take two and call me in the morning!
    Yield: 8

    Happy Pills - Candy Dipped Twinkies

    Happy Pills - Candy Dipped Twinkies

    These candy dipped Twinkies are a fun treat, and you can customize them any way you'd like! Take two and call me in the morning.

    Prep Time 30 minutes
    Total Time 30 minutes


    • 8 Twinkies
    • White Almond Bark
    • Blue Candy Melts
    • Black Candy Melts
    • Paper straws or Lollipop Sticks


      1. Freeze the Twinkies overnight.
      2. Melt the white almond bark and blue candy melts in separate containers according to the instructions.
      3. Remove the Twinkies from the freezer, unwrap them and dip 1/2 of one in the white melted candy. Shake off the excess candy and then insert the straw or stick at least half way into the Twinkie.
      4. Using the straw to hold on, dip the other end in the blue candy melts up to the white. Make sure that all of the Twinkie is coated. Shake off the excess. Stand up to dry or lay flat on parchment.
      5. When all the Twinkies are dipped, melt some black candy. Use a toothpick, a plastic sandwich bag, a squeeze tube with a tip, or parchment cone to pipe out the RX and formula. (I get more control piping when I use a parchment cone)
      6. Allow to dry and serve to those in need!

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