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Pirate Ship Cake Pops

    Jo from Cake Poppin’ is back with this AWESOME tutorial on how to make Pirate Ship Cake Pops! These are simple to make but make a huge impression at a party! I love them!
    Summer is here and so is party season! One of my most requested themes in the summer is of course pirates and these pirate ship cake pops are the cutest! Added bonus is that this design allows you to customize the colors to fit any color scheme. Here is how you can make these super cute pirate ships at home.
    What you will need:
    image 1
    Cake pop sticks
    Cake balls shaped into a triangle with a flat bottom
    Light brown and dark brown chocolate
    Star sprinkles
    A dry paint brush
    Wax paper
    Scrapbooking paper in colors of your choice:
    One 2 inch by 1.5 piece and one 3 inch by 2 inch for each ship

    image 2
    1. You will be using 2 small pieces of scrapbooking paper for each ships sails. You can choose any color combination to perfectly match your exact color scheme. Prepare your scrapbook paper by cutting small pieces of paper out into rectangles. The bottom sail will be approximately 3 inches by 2 inches and the top sail will be approximately 2 inches by 1.5 inches.

    2. Portion out each cake ball and form into a triangle shape. Flatten the bottom so your ship will be able to stand up easier. These cake pops will be upside down or stick up so they will need to have that flat bottom. Insert your cake pop stick into melted chocolate and then into your ship shaped cake ball and let dry. Once dry, dip your ship completely into your light brown chocolate color. Wait about 10 seconds and then carefully set your cake pop stick up, onto wax paper…

    image 3image 4
    3. Before your cake pop is completely dry, attach a star sprinkle to serve as the steering wheel. Allow cake pop to dry completely.
    image 5
    4. To get the look of wood grain, once your cake pop has set, use a dry brush and brush on some dark chocolate. No need to be super neat with this step as it adds to the rustic look of the ship.
    image 6image 7
    5. Using a hole punch or in my case a skewer worked perfectly, poke a hole in the top and bottom of each precut piece of paper where your stick will slide through. Slide the largest piece on first and then follow with the smaller piece.
    image 9
    And there you have it! The cutest addition to any pirate party. You can add some pirate cake pops or even some treasure chest cake pops for some variety and extra pizaz! Or use glitter paper for a more girlie look and different sail shapes for a nautical party. These are so versatile and look great on any dessert table. enjoy!

    image 10

    I am just so in love with these cake pops! It’s no wonder she’s on the TV now doing news segments on her cake pops! She’s a fantastic artist. And, if you don’t have a little pirate who might enjoy these, check out these sailboats she made! I’m sure your little mermaid would have just as much fun with these!

    image 11

    I hope everyone has a chance to check out her FB page and shares some love with her. Jo has recently been featured on a local Fresno, California TV channel. Check her out on TV! And you can always see her amazing pops on Instagram.

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