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SuperStar Fruit Pops for Your #1 Dad

Got a Superstar athlete, student or family member? Make them some SuperStar Fruit Pops. Chocolate dipped starfruit is a fun, edible treat!

Make your Superstar feel extra special with some Chocolate Dipped Star Fruit Pops! They'll love them!
Got any Superstars in your life? They are going to love some Star Fruit Pops for their special treat! They are so easy to make and fun to give. Have you ever had a Star Fruit? They are wonderful. I’ve been adding them to my smoothies for a little sweetness. They taste almost like an Asian pear, but they are not as crisp. Give them a try.

Not sure what to do with a star fruit? Here’s a quick way to prep them. Then you can serve them as is or add them to a salad or smoothie.

I prefer dipping them in chocolate! For the full tutorial on how I made these head on over to Juggling Act Mama.

Dad is going to love that the kids made him some Super Star Fruit Pops for Father's Day! Let Dad know he's #1!
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