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Adding Sprinkles to a Cake Pop


    Sprinkles, sprinkles, sprinkles! I LOVE me some sprinkles! 
    I hate walking on them.
    I hate sweeping them up.
    I hate finding them hiding in the corners of my kitchen.
    I hate spending lots of $$$ just to have them scatter across my counter tops.
    I hate ending up with a blue sprinkle in the the pink sprinkles!
    So… In the spirit of “Works for me Wednesday”, here’s what I do.
    I take an 8 inch strip of foil and rip it in half. 
    I take the half and I fold up the edges to make 4 sides.
    I hold my pop over the foil square and sprinkle the sprinkles on to the pop. 
    When all of the sprinkling is done, I make a little funnel and pour it back into the container.
    No mess. 
    No waste.
    No mixed sprinkles.
    I also have a small funnel that I use to get sprinkles back into those multi-chamber containers with the six different sprinkles mix. You know the one. The nice thing about the funnel, is that it has a wide base to allow the larger sprinkles through.

    Add some Sparkle to Today!
    Be Creative!

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    Karyn Granrud

    Karyn Granrud

    I'm Karyn, a mom and wife, and I founded this little baking blog. Baking and making desserts have been my passion since I was a kid. I love experimenting with different flavors and sharing delicious recipes with all of you. Read more.

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