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Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream

Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream with #IceCreamforOXO
Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Well it is, and OXO wants you to get your ice cream fix in this month! I’ve teamed up with OXO to create this fun, frozen treat for #IceCreamforOXO.
I love ice cream – all ice cream – any ice cream. I can’t get enough of ice cream.

Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream with #IceCreamforOXO

However, I can’t keep up with making ice cream. To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of “no churn” ice cream made with cool whip, whipped cream, or any other methods of adding air into the cream, other than in an ice cream machine.
I much prefer to make my ice cream in a real ice cream maker with eggs, cream and sugar.

But, like I said, it’s hard to keep up. This time I cheated and got a carton of ice cream mix from the milk section from the grocery store. 
Vanilla ice cream is relatively easy to make, so I decided to get a chocolate mix. It turns out I picked up a container of soft serve mix. While this was very good, it was on the soft side for my preference.
It’s a good thing that Oreo Cookies make it all better. As much as I didn’t like it, I totally ate it all and loved every second! 
Big thanks to OXO for the the ice cream products that they sent me! I love them!

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Ice Cream

by Karyn Granrud
Prep Time: 24 hours
Keywords: chocolate oreo ice-cream

Ingredients (4 cups)
  • Premade Chocolate Ice Mix
  • Chocolate Cream Oreos
Place two cups of the ice cream mix into an ice cream mixer. Let the mixer run as directed.
Once firmed up, crush some of the Oreo cookies, stir them in and put it into an OXO Container.
Freeze overnight to harden.
Serve and enjoy!
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