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FroNana Strawberry Dairy Free “Ice Cream”

    I am very proud of myself. All week long I’ve been really trying to focus on my wants. “What do I WANT to do?” “What will make me happy?” “Do I want to do this?” It’s made a huge difference. I must say that it all has to do with a positive mindset. 
    I had a great week thinking about what I want. It’s an amazing gift! I highly recommend it. It’s definitely made this week happy and healthy. 

    Yes, the dishes still need to get done, however I looked at it like this – I want to get the dishes done before I move on to another task. Or, I want to do the dishes after I do this activity. I really tried not to get bogged down in the task and the pressure to do it all.

    Do you feel that pressure? Pressure from society, your parents, children, spouse? Yeah, I think we all feel the pressure to measure up and get it all done. Be the super-mom with a clean house, a great job, the perfect mom with perfect kids, all while in heels and a pearl necklace.
    Well, I’ve put aside that pressure for the past week and let ME decide when I wanted to get things done. The laundry got done, lunch was made, dishes were cleaned, house was vacuumed, dinner was prepared, but the change was my attitude toward it all.  
    I was happier, more relaxed, less stressed, more comfortable, and I took the time to breath and to be quiet. There were a few days where I had to remind myself that it was time to take a break and make lunch. Some days I really had to think about what it was that I really wanted to do. On Wednesday, my plans for a trip to the nursery was thwarted by Mother Nature and a lot of rain, but it was all good. I’ll get there one of these day. 
    I just had to sit back, relax, and take the time to just breathe. 
    For Mother’s Day, I hope that you take the time to relax and breathe. Read your book, watch you favorite TV show or movie, go for a walk, sit down to a craft, or just enjoy your meal without disruption.  
    Today, I have a frozen Banana and Strawberry faux ice cream. It’s got frozen bananas, strawberries, and some coconut milk. It’s sugar free, naturally gluten-free, paleo friendly, and very delicious. If you’re looking for a little refreshment, without the guilt or chemicals, this summer, enjoy this treat. 
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    Yield: 4

    FroNana Strawberry Dairy Free "Ice Cream"

    1 ps Fronana Strwberry Ice Cream 3

    This Banana and Strawberry faux ice cream is full of frozen bananas, strawberries, and some coconut milk. It’s sugar free, naturally gluten-free, paleo friendly, and very delicious.

    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Additional Time 2 hours
    Total Time 2 hours 5 minutes


    • 3 frozen bananas, cut up
    • 1 cup frozen strawberries, cut up
    • coconut milk or regular milk or fruit juice


      1. Cut the fruit and freeze on a cookie sheet overnight. Place into a food processor and process for several minutes.
      2. At first it will be grainy and like sand. Push the fruit down and slowly add your liquid. As the fruit thaws and blends, it will become smoother and come together.
      3. You can enjoy your fruit now at a soft server consistency, or you can place it into a freezer safe container and re-freeze it for a few hours. This will give it more of a sherbet consistency.

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