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Halloween Cat Cake Pops

    These cool midnight cats are an easy peasy yet fun treat. Add the moon, full or partly, to give it a more spooky look. Try these Halloween cat cake pops.


    I wanted to show you another cool Halloween design and how to use the KC Bakes Cake Pop stand when you are using straws in place or your sticks.

    After you form you cake balls, you are going to add the straw the same way as a stick. 

    Dip 1/4 inch of the straw into the melted candy and then insert the straw half way into the ball. To stand up the straw, place your lollipop sticks into the cake pop stand.

    Dip your cake pop and then slide the straw over the stick. Even if you leave the stick long, it’ll still hold the pop upright and allow for smooth drying.


    I used the Wilton Sugar Sheets and a small cat paper punch to cut out the cat shapes.

    Once the pops were dry, I added some yellow full moons and crescent moons and attached the cat silhouette. 

    For the full moon, I just dipped the pop into the yellow candy. To make the crescent moon, I used a lollipop stick to draw on the crescent moon. You could also put the yellow into a baggie and pipe it on if you are going to do a lot of pops.

    Aren’t these fun? Best part is, they are super easy to make and all your Trick-or-Treaters will be in awe of your mad cake pop skillz!


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    Karyn Granrud

    Karyn Granrud

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      1. You need to get over to the cake area in Micheal's more often. They also have stamps for cakes. It's a huge sponge stamp that you put food coloring on and then stamp you fondant. Haven't used it yet, but it looks interesting.

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