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Tiki Cake Pops

    I am on vacation on the Big Island and loving it!! I asked Lisa if she would make some special cake pops for me and she came up with these Tiki inspired Cake Pops for you! Aloha!

    hello to all you PINT SIZE BAKER readers!
    can i tell you how excited i am to be here on Karyn’s blog?! 
    i didn’t even finish reading the entire email from her when she asked me if i could guest post before i said yes yes yes!

    anyway, before i go any further i guess i better introduce myself.
    i’m lisa from hoopla palooza where you will find crazy fun tutes for making fun food, fun crafts, and fun whatever. don’t come over looking for sophistication cuz you won’t find it there which is exactly my intention! 

    making cake pops is one of the food crafts that i enjoy so when Karyn asked me if i could do something hawaiian, i came up with this:
    1 hawaiian tiki pole cake pops title hooplapalooza
    the thing about these cake pops are that they can be designed any way you choose. that’s the fun part.

    Karyn has a bunch of awesome videos on the how to to make cake pops. 
    so instead i’m gonna go with a quick version to show you how they’re made:
    2 totem pole cake pops form pops hooplapalooza
    one large whoopie pie (about the size of my palm) made one cake pop. 
    and they already have the icing included so all you have to do is smoosh them and form them into log shapes.

    so now let’s make the coating and add the sticks.
    3 totem pole cake pops coconut chocolate sticks hooplapalooza+(1)

    sometimes candy melts are a little thick for dipping so mixing them with candy bark helps to make them more fluid and also because i wanted a chocolate coconut flavor to these for a hawaiian flavor.

    i got the straws at home goods awhile ago and thought they would be great for the tiki poles.
    crazy silly tiki poles.

    11 totem pole cake pops what does it mean hooplapalooza

    i had to google tiki poles to find the meaning myself. 
    “a tiki is a large wooden carving in humanoid form, although this is a somewhat archaic usage in the Māori language. Carvings similar to tikis are found in most Central Eastern Polynesian cultures. They often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites.”
    “Tiki’s speak of an enchanted ancient time through a wooden or stony disposition, a dark distant past that’s hard for a man to look at, and even harder to look away from. Tiki statues, poles, masks and the whole genre are a fascinating look into human creativity, emotions and origins.”
    ok so let’s take a look at them. 
    12 totem pole cake pops meanings hooplapalooza
    well, looks like i made 4 dysfunctional family cake pops.
    and yeah i had to think kinda hard on what to name these guys. 
    so uh…
    wouldn’t they be fun for a luau party?

    hope you get to make some fun tiki poles! 

    Thanks so much Lisa! These are so fun! 

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