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Microphone Cake Pop Tutorial – from iPopCakes

    Today, I have a guest post from Melinda. She’s the cake popper behind I Pop Cakes and is going to show us how she makes her amazing Microphone Cake Pops. Thanks so much!

    Hi, I’m Melinda. I make creative and unique cake pops from the comfort of my home in MA. I was always labeled the “Betty Crocker” of my family especially after I had kids. So, it was no wonder
    that after years of searching for something I can work on passionately I discovered the sweet taste of a cake pop and the fun challenges that came with decorating them. I began to
    make them and going to birthday parties with a dozen or so and immediately saw that they were a huge hit amongst children and adults, alike.

    I make custom orders for any event, just give me your theme and magic happens. As with these microphones, what musician wouldn’t like them? 

    If you would like to make these yourself at home, here are my easy instruction. Enjoy!
    Roll your cake pops and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. While your cake pops are settling in the fridge start the microphones.
       What you will need:
                    12 Mini Cones or you can cut down regular size cones
                    Cake pop sticks
                    Kitchen tweezers (I just bought regular tweezers and use them for the kitchen only)
                    Melting chocolate, any color you wish to use
                    Wax paper
                    Cookie sheet
                    Colored sugar
    1.  Poke a hole on the bottoms of the cones using a cake pop stick.
    2.  With your tweezers, insert the cone in the melts until fully covered on all sides.
    3.  Tap all access chocolate, then using the cake pop stick, insert into the pre made holes and place it upside down on the cookie sheet covered with wax paper.

    4.  Let it dry completely.


    When your cake balls are ready take them out of the refrigerator and let them sit out for 10 minutes before you start to dip.

    1. Melt your chocolate at 70% power for one minute, stir. Place in the microwave again at 50% power for 30 seconds, stir. Continue until they are completely melted. If your melts are too think you may thin them out with paramount crystals or Crisco.
    2.  Dip the tip of your cake pop stick in the chocolate and insert it in your cake ball. Let them dry before dipping the whole pop.
    3.  Once dry, dip the pop in the melt. While it is still wet, slide the cone up the stick until it touches the pop.
    4.  Immediately sprinkle the pops with your choice of colored sugar. 

    I have over 100 cake pops displayed on my FB page. Check them out and you’ll see why I have so much fun. 

    You can email me at [email protected] to make your next event a “pop”tacular one!!! 

    Find I Pop Cakes on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram where you will see all my creativity come to life.
    Thanks so much Melinda! I think your cake pops are beautiful! What a creative use of the mini ice cream cones. I’ve got to give these a try one of these days.
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