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How to Make Gumball Machine Cake Pops

Recently, I asked my Facebook fans what type of cake pop they would like a tutorial on and I got a good response for a Gumball Machine Cake Pop!
So, here it is! 

At first I was thinking that I would make a two story cake pop with a red cake pop on the bottom for the dispenser and a second pop in top for the gumball bubble. However, I like things easy and wanted to keep it as basic as possible. 
I think that these would be a great addition to any RAINBOW party or summer party. It’s a cute addition to your dessert table.
I used the rest of the Banana Cake that I made to make these cake pops. The added banana makes the cake so moist that I didn’t need frosting for a binder. However, if you feel like you need some, use a little bit of Vanilla frosting.
Need tips on making Cake Pop Batter and Dipping a Cake Pops…. Check out my YouTube Videos.
Once your pops are measured and rolled, cover them with waxed paper and place them in the fridge.
While they are in the fridge, prepare the sticks. 

Step 1. I found some Red Foil covered caramel candies in the bulk food section of the grocery store. 
2. I used a wooden skewer to punch a hole from the top to the bottom.
Step 3. Remove the skewer and open the bottom part of the wrapper.
Step 4. Push your lollipop stick up from the bottom through the top and allow for 3/4 inch of the stick to protrude.
Step 5. Complete all sticks and prepare candy melts.
When the candy melts are melted and smooth, you’re ready to get the cake balls out of the fridge.
Step 6. Dip the stick into the candy melts then add the cake ball.
Step 7. When all the balls are on the sticks, dip the cake balls into the candy melts and tap off the excess.
Step 8. Immediately add the rainbow nonpareils sprinkles to the lower half of the pop and top with a red gumball or candy.

There! Now aren’t those pretty?
I also made a few other gumball machines using other bases and toppers.
I tried some red soft candies like a Tootsie Roll  and some flat sprinkles.
Also, a red Starburt base and some mini M&M’s as gumballs.
Then I made one with a pink gumball for the top and bottom.
And finally, I tried them with Froot Loops.
Honestly, I think that the red foiled candies worked the best, followed by the Froot Loops.
BTW, I love this picture with the gumballs! The bright colors just make me happy and it puts a smile on my face. I hope it makes you smile as well.
Now, this picture is my background on my phone. Did I mention that it makes me happy? ‘Cause it does!
Have a Happy Day!
I like to PARTY at THESE blogs!

Meg Robins de Haan

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

Love it!!

Rachel Matteson

Thursday 7th of February 2013

Wonderful idea. You did an excellent job. The kids will go crazy over this piece of art because for sure every kid loves gumballs. What more if it has vanilla on top of it. :)-

Meredith @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

Saturday 8th of September 2012

You make this look simple! :o) (I know it can't be that easy though!)

Thanks for linking up with us @ Keep Calm & Link Up this weekend! We're thrilled you chose to party with us :o)


Friday 7th of September 2012

This is so cool!! I love it! Such a clever idea!

Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel

Wednesday 1st of August 2012

OH MAH GOSH, these are AWESOME! I am obsessed with bubblegum ANYTHING and so I can only imagine making a bubblegum version of the cake pop for these :) and eating the entire batch before I photographed them because I was hungry for sprinkles, gum and cuteness overload. You're so talented!