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Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Strawberries

I love Strawberries! I have over six pounds of hand-picked, fresh, frozen strawberries that I am saving for the perfect recipe. (When I find it, I’ll let you know.) 
As for now, I’m hording those precious strawberries in the freezer.
In the meantime, I’m still getting my strawberry fix with some Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls!
I decided to make some fun Strawberry Shortcake Strawberries using the rolls.
I opened up the packages and mixed the rolls up in the mixer. Due to the strawberry jelly, the batter was a bit too sticky to work with, so I added 1/4 of a 9×13 yellow cake. 
I measured out the shortcake balls using my small cookie scoop. 

I cut a few of the shortcake balls in half and added the half to another ball to form a triangle/strawberry shape. 
While they were chilling in the fridge, I melted some red and green candy wafers, got some yellow sugar crystals and some green shoestring licorice ready for my berries.
With the green candy, I made some star shapes and added a one inch piece of licorice to form a stem. 

With the strawberry shortcake “berries” I hand dipped them into the red candy and then sprinkled on the yellow sugar sprinkles and allowed them to dry.   

Once they were dry, I dipped the tops into the green and added the candy stem that I  made.
Voila – Strawberry Shortcake Strawberries!
I loved the shortcake flavor! It was so much more than just strawberry cake pops.
I also made some into Strawberry  Shortcake Cake Pops! 
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Friday 27th of July 2012

So fun! Love the idea!!

Michelles Tasty Creations

Tuesday 12th of June 2012

You are SOOOO creative! These are adorable and I bet they are super yummy too. They sure look it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week :)


Monday 11th of June 2012

Those are the cutest strawberry pops I have ever seen! I love that you used the strawberry little debbie's to make them from!!!


Thursday 7th of June 2012

Those are fantastic!

Trish - Sweetology101

Wednesday 6th of June 2012

This is a SUPER idea!! I love it and PINNED IT