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Vintage Airplane Cake Pops by Cake Poppin

    Jo from Cake Poppin’ is back with another adorable cake pop tutorial for you. I love these little vintage airplanes and I’m kinda jealous that I haven’t made any airplanes yet. 


    It’s party season and these vintage airplane cake pops have been a hit this year. For a vantage toy baby shower or a travel themed birthday, these can be done in all shapes, styles and colors and are just the cutest addition to any dessert table…a fairly simple cake pop with a big effect.

    What you will need:
    Teardrop shaped cake ball
    Cake pop sticks
    Red melting chocolate for the body
    White Melting chocolate for the accents
    Gray melting chocolate for the propeller
    Propeller mold
    2 large heart sprinkles (per pop)
    2 large circle sprinkles (per pop)


    To begin, first prep the propeller by squeezing gray chocolate inside propeller mold and refrigerate for 5 minute. Remove from mold and set to the side.


    Dip your stick or paper straw into melting chocolate and insert it about half way into your tear drop shaped cake ball. Once the chocolate hardens, this will keep your cake pop from falling off of the stick and provide some stability for the cake pop. Insert a heart shaped sprinkle on the top of the tail and into the center as pictured. Insert round sprinkles where the wings will be.

    Dip your cake ball in the red melting chocolate and shake off excess chocolate. Once dry, use a toothpick to apply the white accents to the tail and wings. Place a small dot of red chocolate on the nose of the plane and attach propeller.

    1 Airplane

    And there you have it! Add some cloud cake pops for a super cute display.


    OR an entire fleet of airplanes!

    Or remove the propeller for a modern look.

    I hope everyone has a chance to check out her FB page and shares some love with her. Jo has recently been featured on a local Fresno, California TV channel. Check her out on TV! And you can always see her amazing pops on Instagram.


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