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Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Easy Brownies baked in doughnut forms and then transformed into Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches! The kid LOVE these for after school treats!

    Easy Brownies baked in doughnut forms and then transformed into Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches! The kid LOVE these for after school treats!
    I love a good ice cream sandwich! They are awesomely portable, delicious, and fun to eat. I had some left over brownie batter and thought I’d play with some brownie donuts, but when they were done baking they weren’t quite what I wanted. I looked at those sad brownie donuts and almost tossed them in the trash… but then lightening struck and I was hit by an awesome idea – Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches! Eureka! These fun sandwiches were born and life was good again!
    Fun and delicious Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches are great to make ahead and serve to all the brownie a la mode fans! Easy to make and they store in the freezer for a long time.
    These Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches are HUGE! Perfect for sharing on movie night with the hubby!
    Colorful Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches are fun to serve to the kiddos. Who doesn't love a brownie a la mode?

    I had a lot of fun making these with my kid. She got in on the action with her own creation.

    She didn’t want ice cream in the center of her sandwich so she opted for frosting and ton of candy sprinkles instead!

    They last quite a while in the fridge and they are so big you’ll have no issues sharing one. They are perfect for a date night in!
    Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between two Brownie Donuts and surrounded in rainbow sprinkles. Everyone loves them!
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    Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

    These delicious ice cream sandwiches are a quick treat.


    • Brownie Mix – your choice on box mix or homemade
    • Vanilla Ice Cream – about a quarts worth
    • Fun Sprinkles – I used Rainbow Jimmies and Rainbow Chips


    • Let your ice cream soften for 10 minutes. Line a small baking dish with plastic wrap and scoop out the ice cream in to the pan. Press the ice cream into a flat square and cover with the plastic wrap. Freeze for 4 hours to harden.
    • Bake your brownies in a large baking pan for 15 – 20 minutes. Flip them out of the pan to cool completely.
    • Remove the ice cream from the freezer and use a 2.5″ round biscuit cutter to cut ice cream circles out. Place the ice cream on top of the donut and create a sandwich.
    • Pour out some sprinkles into a plate and press the edges of the sandwich into the sprinkles.
    • Wrap the sandwiches in wax paper then in foil and freeze until ready to serve.
    • Unwrap the goodness and enjoy!

    Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.

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