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Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles

    Easy Cream Puff shells stuffed with Brownie Ice Cream make for an amazing dessert of Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles. I bet you can’t eat just one!

    Make some easy Profiteroles and fill them with delicious chocolate ice cream. They are an awesome dessert for a summer party.

    These Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles are calling my name!! Delicious cream puffs filled with chocolate ice cream.
    Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles

    These were the BOMB! Literally, they are little bombs! I need more of these bombs! WOW! The ice cream… the pastry puffs… put them together and top them with ganache. You have got to make these Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles! They are so much easier than you think. Don’t want to make your own brownie ice cream? That’s ok. Head off to Wendy’s and get a large Frosty. Freeze it completely and then scoop it on to your puffs instead. It’s so good!

    A profiterole filled with brownie ice cream and topped with chocolate! So good!


    What are you waiting for. The Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream was super easy to make. The Cream Puffs were easy to make and melting chocolate for the ganache was easy to make.

    Cream Puff shells coated with chocolate and ready to be filled!

    You know what isn’t easy??

    Taking photos of ice cream! I had to work so fast to get these shots in, and you can still see the ice cream melting. I think I need a colder freezer to get the ice cream much, much colder for these shots…anybody got a freezer they’d like to donate? I’ll take it off your hands.

    These Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles are calling my name!! Delicious cream puffs filled with chocolate ice cream.

    Your kids will love these, your friends will love these, YOU will love these! I promise 🙂 Make some Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles this summer!

    Brownie Ice Cream Puffs. They are so good. Eat them fast before they melt.

    This recipe is part three in a three part series that includes the Pâte à Choux and the brownie ice cream recipes.

    Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles. An amazing dessert.

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    Yield: 24

    Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles

    These Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles are calling my name!! Delicious cream puffs filled with chocolate ice cream.

    These Brownie Ice Cream Puffs are little bombs of flavor!

    Prep Time 1 hour
    Cook Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes



      1. Melt chocolate at 70% power in the microwave. Stir to melt all the chocolate chips. Add the cream in slowly and stir until completely combined. The ganache should be thin, so if you need to add more cream, add in a teaspoon at a time.
      2. Cut puffs in half along the lower third of the puff.
      3. Place a small scoop of ice cream onto the pull.
      4. Dip the top half into the ganache and place on top of the ice cream.
      5. Serve immediately or return to the freezer until ready to serve.

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    Karyn Granrud

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    40 thoughts on “Brownie Ice Cream Profiteroles”

    1. Okay these are out of control! I love profiteroles (as we call them in the UK!) and add chocolate ice cream and I am sold! Thanks for creating these delights…can you make some more and bring them to my house??? LOL!

      1. I gave up and just called them pastry puffs because I just could not spell it correctly. Lol. This was easier.

    2. Karyn, WOW these look amazing and my hubby would love these, he is a chocolate fanatic! I can only imagine the challenge of photographing the ice cream – but you did a great job, as always! Pinned and thanks for sharing – happy Sunday!

      1. The ice cream isn’t a rich chocolate, but if he like Wendy’s Frostys, then he’ll love this. If he wants a more chocolaty ice cream, fell free to use a different ice cream.

      1. Thanks so much! I could not stop! They were good. Even with the entire thing frozen, they were outstanding! P.S. – I love it when you visit!

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