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White Chocolate Christmas Cake

    White Chocolate Christmas Cake and Frosting with Spiced Cranberry Filling and Sugared Citrus Peel. It’s the perfect Christmas cake for your celebrations.

    White Chocolate Christmas Cake. 4 layers of white chocolate cake filled with cranberry sauce and decorated with sugared orange peels.

    Blow your family away when you serve them this White Chocolate Christmas Cake filled with a spiced cranberry filling. Served with delicious sugared orange and lemon peels.

    White Chocolate Christmas Cake

    It’s Christmas time!! Are you ready? Presents, food, family, fun. Twinkle lights, carols, parades, and of course the Christmas tree!

    The smell of boiling lemon and orange peels made my house smell so good! And then the spiced scents of the cinnamon, ginger and cranberries just put me right into the holiday spirit. I loved it!

    Dress up a cake with some sugared lemon and orange peels and some fun chocolate candy decorations.

    Have you ever torte a cake before? Not sure what “torte” means? It means to cut in half across in a horizontal motion. (ok, I just made that up.) But really, all you are doing is taking your round cake and slicing it in half.

    Some do this with a serrated knife and I’ve seen others use floss. I like my Wilton Cake Levelerir?t=psbusa23 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00004S7YB. It’s easy and quick to use and it always cuts straight.

    See all those pretty layers?

    Putting this beautiful cake together!

    It’s so easy to fill a cake.

    Want to fill a cake with fruit and not have it bleed through? This frosting dam is the way to go.

    Interested in the wax paper in the photos above?

    Place the wax paper under the cake to keep the cake platter clean. You could frost the cake on a board and then transfer it to the stand, but that’s an extra step and you’d see it when you sliced into it. I place pieces of wax paper around the cake when I frost, then gently remove it when I’m done leaving behind a clean cake platter. Easy!

    Wanna know how I made the top?

    Blow your family away when you serve them this White Chocolate Christmas Cake filled with a spiced cranberry filling. Served with delicious sugared orange and lemon peels.

    Candy Topping

    I simply took some of the white chocolate, placed it into a baggie and snipped off the corner. Then I covered a cookie sheet with wax paper and drizzled circles all over it. I let it harden in the fridge and then broke up the pieces and balanced them on top of the cake.

    Stunning in its simplicity, isn’t it 🙂

    Nothing beats a beautiful White Chocolate Christmas Cake with spiced cranberry filling and sugared orange slices.

    This recipe is part three of a three part series including White Chocolate Cake and Sugared Citrus Peels.

    White Chocolate Christmas Cake with homemade puree, sugared citrus, and while chocolate cake.


    Yield: 1- 9 inch cake

    White Chocolate Christmas Cake

    Blow your family away when you serve them this White Chocolate Christmas Cake filled with a spiced cranberry filling. Served with delicious sugared orange and lemon peels.

    White Chocolate Cake with vibrant red cranberry filling just calls out Christmas to me.

    Prep Time 1 hour
    Cook Time 30 minutes
    Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes



    For the White Chocolate Frosting

    1. Melt Chocolate in a double boiler and then cool for 30 minutes.
    2. Beat butter with a paddle attachment at medium to high speed until fluffy. Slowly add sugar, white chocolate and vanilla.
    3. At slow speed, add in powdered sugar until combined and desired thickness is achieved.

    Assemble Cake

    1. Torte each cake. Place one slice on a cake plate and add a dam around the perimeter of the cake. Fill with ⅓ of the Cranberry Filling. Continue layering the cake and cranberry.
    2. Frost cake and then decorate with sugared citrus peels.
    3. Cover loosely and refrigerate overnight. Bring to room temperature before serving.

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    Karyn Granrud

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    43 thoughts on “White Chocolate Christmas Cake”

    1. This is a beautiful cake, and I love your clear, illustrated instructions! I’ve Pinned this to my Christmas recipes board, although I agree, it would taste very nice right now in July too! The flavours sound fabulous, especially that spiced cranberry filling. I’m visiting via Say G’Day Saturday – so G’Day, and have a fabulous weekend 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for stopping. I’ve posted a few recipes there but it’s just not part of my routine. I need to share more there.

    2. OMG this cake is amazing! Seriously. Soooo spectacular…I cannot even begin to image how good it much be, but I’m sure it’s just as good as it looks!

      Found your feature on Two Cup Tuesday. Congrats!


      1. Thanks for the pin and thanks for stopping by! BTW – Pint Sized Baker is my other blog… yes, i’m crazy and have two blogs…

      1. Thanks so much. I’ve been working on my photography for the past year. You should see my “old” stuff… yikes!

    3. How much extra powdered sugar did you use in the icing? I was a little confused when It said to cream the sugar first, add white chocolate, lastly vanilla. Next step was to add powdered sugar. I used it in the creaming method. Just a little confused

      1. This is for the frosting. Depending on your humidity and moisture in the wet ingredients, sometimes you may need to add more powdered sugar to get the desired consistency. Just add a little at a time until it’s thick.

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