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Chocolate Lollipops


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    While I was on vacation in Hawaii, I learned something new about my Step-dad. He watches a lot of the Food Network – Including the Barefoot Contessa!
    That’s right! My Step-dad will watch football one minute and Ina Garten the next minute.
    And that’s ok with me. If I weren’t watching with him, I would not have seen the episode where she made these.
    I always have a bit of leftover chocolate when I am making my cake pops and I thought this would be a great way to use up those precious few ounces that I am reluctant to throw away, yet it’s not really enough to save.
    Here’s what you’ll need:
    Melted Candy Coating (any color or flavor)
    lollipop sticks
    dried fruit, candy, nuts – basically anything that tastes good coated in chocolate
    wax paper lined cookie sheet
    Here is what I used:
    Dried Kiwi
    Dried Pineapple
    Dried Mango
    Dried Papaya
    Gummi Bears, Sour Patch Kids, and Nerds
    Chocolate and White Candy Coating


    Here’s what you do:
    Pour a small amount of melted chocolate on to the wax paper. Not too much, just enough for a 2 inch circle.
    Roll 1 inch of the lollipop stick in the chocolate coating and then let lay flat.
    Add toppings before it hardens.
    I also swirled some white and chocolate for some extra fun!
    Aren’t these beautiful? The orange and yellow stands out so nicely against the white. Makes me very happy 🙂


    The kids LOVED the gummies and sour patch kids on theirs! So much fun for them to decorate!
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    Enjoy! Have a Scrumptious Day!

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    Karyn Granrud

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