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Shortbread S’mores

    Pint Sized Baker was provided samples of the Duchy Originals Shortbread, however all opinions are her own.
    S’more are a hot topic these days!
    They kinda seem to be the “in snack” for camping season and weekend firepits.
    I remember roasting marshmallows as a kid and being impatient for the marshmallow to get toasty. My brother had NO patience and would just light the poor marshmallow in fire and then gobble it up. Being the older, more mature sibling, I sat there waiting for the marshmallow to get warm then hot then toasty and finally melty.

    Marshmallows are so good when done MY way.

    Use shortbread cookies to make some wonderful homemade s'mores any day!
    I wanna tell ya that I made these over an open fire while enjoying a relaxing evening with my family, but the honest truth is that I roasted these over my gas stove.
    Technically, it was an open flame… A very small flame in my kitchen, yes, but these marshmallows toasted up with no problems.


    Duchy Originals sent me a few boxes to try – “Highland All Butter Shortbread”, “Stem Ginger All Butter”, “Lemon All Butter Shortbread” and “Original Oaten Biscuits”.
    I love all of their shortbread. I also love their packaging. Inside each box are two packets each containing 6 biscuits, so one pack stays fresh while the other pack is open.
    These tea biscuits are made to be taken seriously and enjoyed while sipping tea and discussing economics.
    Duchy Originals is also looking out for your best interest in health. Their Shortbread is
    Non-GMO Ingredients
    OU Kosher & Suitable for Vegetarians
    No Antibiotics or Bovine Growth Hormones Used to Produce Butter
    Use shortbread cookies to make some wonderful homemade s'mores any day!
    For all the reasons above, my husband and I really liked these tea biscuits. My 7 year old daughter on the other hand… well… let’s just say they weren’t “fun” enough for her.
    So, to make the Original Oaten Biscuits a bit more kid friendly, I turned them into S’mores!
    And do I really need to tell you how much we all enjoyed these?
    We enjoyed these S’mores with a glass of milk while discussing her allowance.
    All we needed was a change in perspective.


    Duchy Originals would like to send one winner a box of each of their flavors to try.
    The Duchy Stem Ginger Shortbread has a delicately balanced spicy sweetness from the delicious chunks of crystallized Australian stem ginger.
    Duchy Originals Lemon Shortbread. Made with crystallized lemon zest from Sicily – home to the most fragrant lemons. Prepared in Abelour, Scotland.
    Duchy Originals Oaten Biscuit. The “Original” Oaten Biscuit, the first product by Duchy Originals back in 1992. Duchy grows the wheat and oats themselves on farms in the UK.


    Good Luck!
    Duchy Original Oaten Biscuit S’mores

    recipe image

    by Karyn Granrud
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Keywords: marshmallow chocolate shortbread s’mores

    Ingredients (6 s’mores)
    • 1 Box (12) Duchy Originals Oaten Biscuits
    • 6 Giant Marshmallows OR Marshmallow Cream
    • 10 oz. Dark Chocolate OR Chocolate Chips
    Melt chocolate slowly in a ceramic bowl in the microwave at 70% power for 30 seconds. Stir chocolate until it is smooth. Or melt in a double boiler, stirring until smooth.
    Open the Duchy Originals Oaten Biscuits and add chocolate to the bottoms of them.
    Toast the marshmallows over hot coals (or in my case, over your gas stove) and then place the warm and toasty marshmallow between two chocolate covered biscuits.

    Don’t have time to toast Marshmallows?

    Melt chocolate and add to 6 biscuits. Add Marshmallow cream to the other 6 and sandwich together. Dip half into chocolate and enjoy now or wait for them to dry.

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