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Easter Chick, Bunnies?

Here come Peter “Feather” Tail??
Waddling down the Easter Trail???
Wait a second! Those are chicks dressed up as Bunnies!

But, they are so cute, who could complain?
Wanna know what else is impersonating a bunny?? Check out Hoopla Palooza’s post. I think she did a great job with those carrots!

To make these chicks, I decided to cheat a bit. I used these soft Carrot Cake Cookies from the grocery store.
I simply crumbled them up in a food processor and added in some vanilla frosting until the crumbs held together when pressed into shape. This is perfect if you don’t have time to bake a cake! 
Once you have the cookie crumbs at the right consistency, it’s a simple matter of shaping them, dipping them, and decorating them.
To decorate them, you’ll need:
jumbo sprinkles for the eyes
mini rainbow chips for the beaks
fall leaves for the wings
flowers for the feet
white Jordan Almonds for the ears

Dip the cookie pop into some yellow candy and tap off the excess. While it’s still wet, add the eyes, beak, wings, and feet. I use a needle nose tweezers to help pick up the small sprinkles.
If you look closely at the center chick, his right foot has some 
Stand up to dry.
Once dry, put a small amount of  white candy into a baggie and snip off a small corner. Add the headband and place the Jordan Almonds on top. Hold in place until the candy dries.
Too much work for you? I’m putting together a fun Cake Pop Easter Basket for you. 
Please check out my ETSY shop to place your order.
In the Easter Container you will receive-
2 CHOCOLATE Cake Pops decorated as Chicks (minus the bunny ears).
2 LEMON Cake Pops shaped as Eggs, dipped in white candy coating and decorated with Yellow Sprinkle Swirl design.
2 STRAWBERRY Cake Pops shaped round, dipped in pink candy coating and decorated with pale pink, blue and white nonpareils. 
NOTE – The Bunny Ears (4 Jordan Almonds) and a small bag of white candy coating will be added to the container so that the ears can be added when unpacked. Directions will be included.
The Container is a Spring Themed Container and will be similar the one pictured, but not exact. They will also be filled will pink and yellow crinkle paper to protect the pops in transit.

If you have any questions about the Easter Basket, please send me a e-mail at [email protected] All orders MUST be placed through ETSY. No exceptions.

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