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Patriotic Star Pops

I am on VACATION!! I have flown out to Austin, Texas for the Texas Cake Pop Meet-Up (#TXCPMU) and I have to admit that I am so excited to be here!
I’m rooming with my cake pop BFF Kim and we are out and about eating way too many donuts, cupcakes, and BBQ! I can’t wait to see the bats and buy some boots. I hope you’re watching my Instagram feed for all my adventures!

Since I’ve been packing and getting things ready, I kinda cheated a little on this post. These are not cake pops… Sorry. They are actually Peeps Star Marshmallows.
I hoarded them from Christmas time and held on to them just for a 4th of July post!  I know, total genius!
They worked out perfectly and your kids can help make them. Let them go nuts!
The girl scouts loved these marshmallow treats. If you can’t find Red & Blue Stars Paper Straws, just use lollipop sticks or even plastic forks will work in a pinch.
Enjoy and have a GREAT 4th of July Weekend!
Here are a few more Patriotic Treats for you to enjoy!


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