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Melting Candy Wafers Test

Confused about which candy melt to use for your cake pops? I did a Melting Candy Wafers Test to see which brand would melt the smoothest.

Confused about which candy melt to use for your cake pops? I did a Melting Candy Wafers Test to see which brand would melt the smoothest.

Melting Candy Wafers Test

So… a while back I was going to do this big test of 5 different candy melts and a bunch of cake pops and see if it was the candy itself that led to cracking pops. It was an ambitious goal that I failed at… It was just too much to do. Too many supplies, too many pops, too many variables. Sorry.

What I did instead is melted 3 popular candy melts and judged the melting consistency and temperatures. This is not rocket science, but there were some parameters.

I tested Merckens White Chocolate, Wilton’s White Candy Melts, and Make N’ Mold Melting Wafers.

Using my scale, I weighed 6 ounces of each candy.

Using a 1000 watt microwave, I started off with 45 seconds at 70% power for each bowl of candy.

The Merckens and Make N’ Mold only needed one time in the microwave. The Wilton’s needed a bit more to fully melt. I should have taken my own advice and been a bit more patient, because I did get the Wilton’s too hot.

Here’s my pros and cons of the different confection candy wafers –



  • Smallest wafers which may have led to quicker melting and a smoother consistency.
  • Melted smooth without being too runny. 
  • The coating stays put and does not drip down stick or make funny “tails” on the pops.
  • Overall the best tasting coating of the three.

Cons: Difficult to source. Look at specialty Cake Supply store or order online.

Price: $3.80 -$4 per pound. Discount in bulk purchasing.

Wilton’s Candy Melts

Pros: Cheapest and most easily found in craft stores (Micheal’s, Wal-Mart).


  •  Thickest coating.
  • Too thick in my opinion. 
  • The thicker the coating the more likelihood of it pulling the cake pop off the stick.
  • Largest wafer size takes longer to melt.

Price: $3 for 14 oz bag. Can be found on sale for $2



Make N’ Mold Melting Wafers

Pros: Of these three, I thought this had the best dipping consistency and was the easiest to work with.


Cons: Somewhat difficult to find (A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby)

Price: $3.30 for 14 oz. bag online. Discount in bulk purchasing.

All in all, the pops looked the same. I could see no difference in the final product. I think it comes down to your preference and your budget. For me, Wilton’s is fine when it’s on sale 🙂 and I am lucky to have Merckens and Make N’ Mold within an hour drive of my house.

Have fun creating!

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