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Elphaba and Glinda Cake Pops

    Why are Halloween Witches always bad, evil, and ugly? There is the Wicked Witch of the West (and East), but there is also Glinda, the Good Witch of the North! Many of you know them from the Wizard of Oz and most recently from the book and screenplay Wicked. I’ve read all of the Wicked books by Gregory Maguire with much interest! I love the books…. but I digress…. There is a Good Witch – not a Princess – a Witch!
    These cake pops took more time than I thought they would. I tried different hats, I tried different hair, but I ended up with what worked best for me.

     Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
    Here is how I made these: 
                                           Elphaba                                                                      Glinda
                                  Hat: Chococone Candy                                                Hat: Bugle Chip
                              Brim: Necco Waffer Candy                                    Brim: Necco Waffer Candy
                               Hair: Black Shoestring Licorice                            Hair: Yellow Shoestring licorice
                                  Eyes: Orange Jimmies                                     Eyes: Black Licorice sliced very thin
                                Nose: Point of a Star candy                                     Nose: Candy coating dot
                                 Mouth: Black Cookie Icing                                    Mouth: Small Heart Sprinkle

    1. Make Cake Pops. I colored white candy melts with some green and pink, oil based food coloring. Don’t use water based coloring; it’ll seize the chocolate.

    2. I used Wilton Black Candy melts for Ephalba’s hat. If you can’t find it in a craft store, you’ll have to order it online from Dip the candy base into the chocolate and secure to Necco wafer. Let dry. Completely dip the hat in the candy melts, remove with a fork and tap off excess like tapping a truffle (see video here). Lay aside to dry completely.
    For Glinda’s hat, I attached a Bugle chip to a Necco wafer and dipped into pink candy melts. Remove with fork, tap off excess and set aside.

    3. Dip the cake pop into the melted candy, tap off excess and start attaching pre-cut licorice hair. If you go all the way around the pop you’ll need a lot of licorice. I did not attach the hair to the top of the head – there is a bald spot up there for the hat to sit on. I found that the added hair was too bumpy and the hat did not sit nicely.

    4. Work fast and attach the eyes, (Elphaba’s) nose and (Glinda’s) mouth with a tweezers. Don’t let fat fingers mess up the faces. Set aside to dry in a cake pop stand or Styrofoam.

    5. Pops and hats should be dry now. Dip the bald head into melted candy and attach the hat.

    6. Decorate features.
    For Elphaba I used some black decorator gel to add detail to the hat. Her mouth is Wilton black Cookie Icing that I applied with a toothpick. I also added a wart to her nose.
    For Glinda I used pink Pearl Dust on her hat and cheeks. To apply dry pearl dust watch the video here. Using the black cookie icing and toothpick, I added the eyelashes and a beauty mark.

    Have fun! I’m sure your Princess will approve of these witches!

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    1. These would so great for any Halloween party!!! I just LOVE them!!!! For some strange reason, you have always been really into Halloween!!!

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